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5 Min Exercise at Home – Does It Make a Difference?

  • February 27, 2020

You would really like it to go to the gym and shed some weight. But it’s difficult to make time between home and work. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend hours on the gym for cardio, to get your dream abs or lose weight. Doing a 5 min. exercise at home is effective enough.

Do 5 minutes of exercise make a difference? Experts say they do. According to research from the University of Utah, every little bit of training can make a huge impact. Even a single minute of it adds up to something big, so five minutes of exercise a day is effective enough. What matters here is the kind of activity you do as different drills provide different benefits.

So, you want to lose weight and maybe get some of that abs a lot of your friends are sporting. No need to spend money going to the gym. All you need is patience and consistency to exercise at least five minutes a day. But first, let’s find out how such a short time of training can help your fitness goals.

Do 5 Minutes of Exercise Make a Difference?

Regular exercise is essential for many things, including getting better sleep, losing weight, and increasing your energy levels. If you exercise regularly, it will also help you to lose weight and become fit. That, in turn, enables you to gain self-confidence. So, you thought running or doing other drills a few minutes a day can help. But you wonder, do 5 minutes of exercise make a difference? A good number of studies say it does.

Five minutes of exercise does help your fitness goals because its impact accumulates. Compared to not doing anything, it is better that you exercise even just a little bit. A University of Utah’s study shows that doing short sessions of high-intensity activities every day can result in a small decrease in your body mass index (BMI). It even shows that the likelihood of obesity significantly is reduced if you do one of those quick workouts at home.

How Do 5 Minutes of Exercise Help?

Based on the study, you can make a small but noticeable impact with five-minute exercise if you kick up the intensity of the training. It looks like the more intense the workout is, the more prominent the effect is. Ten or maybe 5 min. exercise at home can help you lose weight, not only by burning calories but by controlling your appetite.

Another research shows that people who did several sessions of short chunks of workouts can get the same amount of protein to help control their appetite. The study shows 32% of the group feels fuller throughout the day after doing 5-minute workouts. It indicates they feel more satiated by doing exercise this way. Helping you lose weight isn’t the only benefit that 5 minutes of training offers.

Others include:

  • Reduced risk to heart disease

Are 5 minutes of cardio enough? Running is a known excellent exercise for cardio. Compared to people who don’t run, doing so for a mere 5 minutes a day helps decrease your risk from developing heart disease.

  • Increased positive mood

Everybody knows that exercise does excellent in providing a mood boost. Whether it is running, jogging, brisk walk, or another activity, breaking a sweat helps you to feel better during the day. It increases your mood even if you exercise for only a few minutes a day.

  • Boosted brain power and reduced stress

Along with improving your mood, a 5-minute workout at home for weight can boost your brainpower and reduce your stress. It can improve your reaction time, along with other skills such as organization, planning, and memory.

  • Gain muscle and build fitness

A 5-minute workout at home for abs with shorter, intense drills can help you develop your fitness. Compared to doing exercises for 45 minutes where you can quickly tire, high-intensity workouts are great at building fitness so you can gain muscle and tone them for your ideal shape.

  • Lowers risk of developing cancer and neurological diseases

Is it good to run for 5 minutes? Running offers a lot of benefits, even if you do so for a short time. Besides being good for your cardiovascular, it lowers your risk from developing cancer and neurological conditions like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases.

Will 5 Minutes of Exercise Work?

It is well and good to know that 5 min. exercise at home can help improve the aerobic and anaerobic systems of your body. But to some people, even five minutes of their time is hard to spare. A lot of people will find it impossible to exercise even for this short time given their busy schedule.

Commit to Your Goals

Even if they do find the time, most would want to spend it to sleep and rest. Staying fit really isn’t easy, but it is not impossible either. If you’re going to lose weight and get fit, you need to be committed and determined to your fitness goals. Find the right motivation. When you do, you will make the necessary effort to exercise and train even when it is tough.

Manage Your Time Effectively

You will want to find time to ensure you can train every day consistently. Some of the tips that can help you with this include exercising while doing your daily tasks and walking your errands. For example, you can try to do your 5 min. workout at home while brushing your teeth. When you go up to your apartment, you can take the stairs. You can find time if you want to.

Increase Intensity

As I said before, intensity matters if you want your 5-minute workout to matter. Your drill must make you break a sweat. It must make it hard for you to catch a breath after the workout. If not, you need to kick it up a little more. By doing that, you’ll be able to shed more calories and stress your muscles to improve their strength.

Maintain Your Form

With this type of workout, you want it to be quicker and more intense. But make sure you don’t fall short when it comes to your form. Even while you are busy trying to break more sweat, ensure that you are performing the proper technique in every repetition. This way, you can get the most out of the drills even with only 5 minutes.

Why It Is Better To Do 5 Minute Exercise than 45 Minutes a Day

There’s a good reason why it is better to do 5 min. of exercise at home than spend 45 minutes of it at a gym. You want to make exercise a habit. Doing so will allow you to make the most of its benefits for the long-term. But as a beginner, it will be hard to get into a full training program. In that case, starting at only 5 minutes of exercise a day or breaking the routine for short chunks can ease the burden on you.

As time goes by, you can build it up gradually that it becomes 10, 20, 45 up to an hour of exercise every day. Its benefits stack up physically, both in your health and the way you can train more feeling less tired. With your strength and endurance now significantly improved, you can exercise more and enjoy more of the benefits training offers, such as losing weight.

At first, it will make you doubt if 5 min. exercise at home is enough. But the idea of sufficient training depends on what your goals are. Is it for your health? Is it to lose weight and gain a lean body? Is it to train your lungs? Or perhaps to lower your blood pressure? Five minutes of exercise could be more than enough for these fitness goals.

Final Thoughts

You are a beginner, so at this point, you want to build consistency first. Otherwise, the results won’t last, and you will be back to feeling frustrated because you gained back the weight you lost. By starting at 5 min. exercise at home, you are making it a part of your life forever, so you can stay in shape and full of energy even in old age.

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