Tai Chi Your Way to Youth: A Tai Cheng Review

  • July 18, 2019

Back in the days, you have always dreamed of aging gracefully. It never really occurred to you that many things including your previous lifestyle, environmental risk factors and stress could make this dream difficult to achieve. Now that you are past your prime, you realize that you are nowhere near the graceful older person that you have envisioned to become. You feel fragile, cranky and overall, unhealthy. You find that the things that you usually enjoy are now difficult to do because your age is getting in the way.

When you do search the internet for ways to reverse this ugly truth, you can find numerous programs that approach numerous aspects of reversing the effects of aging. However, seldom do you see ones that deals with aging through exercise. An example of this is Dr. Mark Cheng’s Tai Cheng workout which is guaranteed to help you in erasing a few years off from your body.

In this review article, we will go hand in hand in understanding how Tai Cheng helps you to have a healthier body and to feel years younger. You also might be wondering who Dr. Mark Cheng is and how he came up with the program so we will also be discussing that.

If you wish to join the hundreds of people who have already benefited from the Tai Cheng workout program, then just keep yourself from clicking the exit button. Keep on reading!

Who is Dr. Mark Cheng?

Dr. Mark Cheng is the person who designed the Tai Cheng workout program. He has mastered the martial arts with particular interest in Tai Chi for well over 20 years. In these years of experience, he was able to come up with a breakthrough method, the Dynamic Motion Control that allows even the beginners to easily master the fundamental moves and maneuvers of Tai Chi.

He is also an expert in Chinese medicine and is currently practicing in Santa Monica, California. He specializes in managing pain and musculoskeletal disorders. He has treated many famous celebrities and athletes including golfers, pro football players and mixed martial artists. He is the director of the Chung-Hua Institute of Chinese Orthopedic Medicine and also has a license in acupuncture.

Dr. Cheng combined the classical techniques of Tai Chi and the sciences behind working out to create the Tai Cheng program. He plans on helping many people in achieving and improving their balance and agility, regain their strength after musculoskeletal injuries or just in getting started in engaging into physical fitness for health purposes.

What is Tai Cheng?

Before going on further, let us first find out what Tai Chi really is. Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that originated in China. It became popular for its self-defensive properties, as well as for its health benefits. It is practiced in many places outside china today. There several approaches to training with Tai Chi. Although it is usually typified as having slow maneuvers, it does have a number styles involving fast movements.

Tai Cheng allows you to enjoy doing workouts incorporated with the movements, concepts and theories of Tai Chi, particularly the Yang style. It is an innovative program that allows you to attain “Supreme Accomplishment” in overall body health.

Tai Cheng derives its moves and forms from the classical Tai Chi techniques, Qi Gong practices and the conventional rehabilitative exercise patterns that aim to improve overall body functioning. It improves metabolism, joint mobility, stress management and athletic performance. More than this, it allows you to feel good during and after the workouts. It keeps you energized while you improve your circulation, straighten posture, open your joints, reduce painful trigger points and promote balance and flexibility.

In 90 days, you will expect to be taught 6 different Tai Chi movements and certain combinations of the moves that will help you achieve the previously mentioned benefits. It is divided into 4 phases. On each of the first 3 phases which lasts for 3 weeks, you will be taught about the basic moves of Tai Chi. At the 4th phase you will be trained on how to put some of the movements together in different combinations. This will last for 4 weeks. All of these are preceded by a gentle warm up at each the beginning of each workout.

When you order the Tai Cheng package today, you will be able to grab hold of other things that will certainly help you in getting started with this fitness journey. Included in the base kit are the following:

  • 4 DVDs that includes 18 essential Tai Cheng moves in 30 workouts
  • A Master Scroll DVD: Program overview, a breathing and meditation workout, AND a detailed step-by-step guide to each move
  • Easy Does It Guidebook
  • Feel Better Food Plan
  • Daily Workout Calendar
  • Tai Cheng Foam Roller

What equipment do I need to use to complete Tai Cheng?

Since Tai Chi in itself does not really require its trainees to have any sort of equipment, all you need is a 6 by 6 feet space and a foam roller so that you can perform the floor exercise comfortably. As you may have read, the foam roller is conveniently included in the package already. If you wish to challenge yourself, you can try wearing weighted gloves for a more productive workout.

Why should I buy Tai Cheng?

The art of Tai Chi includes several benefits aside from getting a glimpse of basic self-defense skills. You can get all of this when you train with Dr. Mark Cheng in Tai Cheng. Not only that you can become healthier and fitter, you also get to reverse some years off your age. It involves low impact workouts so you can be sure that you can prevent injuries from happening as long as you correctly follow the workout videos.

Moreover, you also get the opportunity of having these bonus gifts when you avail of the Tai Cheng workout guide today:

  • TWO 10-minute BONUS workouts: Tai Cheng for Travel – To help reduce pain and stiffness while traveling & Tai Cheng for Sport – A workout that helps enhance your sports performance, especially golf
  • Resistance Strength Band
  • Removable Floor Tape to help guide your workout
  • Free 24-hour access to the Team Beachbody® online community

If in case you are not happy with the results, you can have a full money refund through its 90 day money back guarantee as well.

The verdict

It is about time that you let go of expensive and ineffective products that claim to help you become younger. There is actually no short cuts for you to reverse the effects of having aged beyond your prime. However, there is a way in doing so that you will most certainly enjoy.

The Tai Cheng workout program is a revolutionary way of reversing aging and bringing back your younger self. Why do not you give it a shot and see how it can change your life for the better? Join the hundreds of people who are enjoying a youthful life and get your own Tai Cheng now!

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