Hard Core Rip Out in 25: A Focus T25 Review

  • July 15, 2019

You have been working out for some time now and have seen great results. The thought of challenging yourself and trying to meet your limits has crossed your mind. You want to do it but your time is just not as enthusiastic as you are. You realize that you do have other things to attend to, like your career, your family or even your hobbies. Worry no more. Shaun T has something in store for you!

Studies have shown that when you exercises and do it for only about half an hour can have as much benefits as when you do for an hour. Shaun T has taken advantage of this finding and has put together a set of workouts that is highly suitable for people who wish to live a life other than that in the gym. This is the Focus T25 that is sure to give you a ripped body in just half the time.

At the end of this review article, we will see to it that you get to know the creator of this intense yet amazing program, Shaun T and the sciences that work behind the Focus T25 workout program.

If you are not ready to let go of that healthy lifestyle you are already into because of life getting in the way, then maybe this might help you with that. Do not click the exit button just yet!

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun Thompson, popularly called Shaun T is I fitness guru and a dance choreographer. He has established a reputable name in the fitness industry for quite some time now. He grew up in New Jersey and earned his baccalaureate education in Rowan University. He graduated with a degree in Sports Science, with a minor in Theater and Dance. His education’s influence on his style of fitness training is very visible on some of his workout programs such as the Hip Hop Abs where you could see a variety of dance routines that are fun to do. After graduating, he worked for some of the giants in the fitness world such as Wyett and Equinox, functioning as a health and fitness promoter. He has a lot of experience of working alongside famous fitness gurus. An example is Kathy Smith of Project: You.

Shaun T has been involved in many theater and film productions either on stage or as a choreographer working backstage. He had been seen beside famous celebrities such as Val Kilmer, Adam Lambert, Queen Latifah and Mariah Carey.

Shaun T went hand in hand with Beach Body, an established empire of fitness and lifestyle products, in sharing his fitness ideals with the rest of the world. His workout videos has been an avenue for him to make his two passions – dance and fitness—meet. He first launched Hip Hop Abs in 2007. It gained wide spread appreciation. Shaun soon became unstoppable in creating more and more workout programs that can address any body image or weight issues of any consumer from the full age spectrum.

Now, Shaun T is living the life and is quite having fun travelling, appearing in many TV shows and publications, and helping people all over the globe in attaining the highest level of fitness that they can get.

What is the Focus T25?

Focus T25 is Shaun T’s answer to those who wish to level up their intensity of training but are short of time. It works your muscles in only 25 minutes and still delivers the same beautiful results that an hour of intense training can provide. It employs the Focus Interval Training in which you are directed to work out intensely for 25 minutes with no rest. If you are one of those who are still starting to get in track with fitness, there are modified versions for you to follow so that you can breeze through the beginning portions of the program. However, once you get the hang of the workouts, you should follow the ideal movements and be prepared for being ripped into shape, as if you were working out for an hour or 2 every day.

The Focus T25 is divided into two cycles, the Alpha and Beta Cycles which are scheduled all over a number of weeks. The Alpha Cycle consists of workouts that are meant to build your foundation. These are:

  • Cardio
  • Speed 1.0
  • Total Body Circuit
  • Ab Intervals
  • Lower Focus

Once you get acquainted with the program through the Alpha Cycle, the Beta Cycle follows which gives you the some of the most intense workouts you will ever have. This includes:

  • Core Cardio
  • Speed 2.0
  • Rip’t Circuit
  • Dynamic Core
  • Upper Focus

Along with the videos, you will also get the tools needed for you to complete the program and achieve maximal calorie burning capacity.

  • A Quick Start Guide that introduces the basics that you need to know to get started
  • The Get It Done Nutrition Plan that helps you in planning and choosing your meals so you can be well-fueled for the whole program
  • The Alpha-Beta wall calendar so you can keep track of the appropriate exercise for the day

Is the Focus T25 worth every penny?

The Focus T25 is definitely an in-demand fitness program as evidenced by it being sold out 3 times already. This goes to prove that a lot of people had been helped and transformed by this workout program and have sharing the good news to their friends and family. Aside from the points it has achieved from being short, it is known to be intense so you can be sure that you get the best results at the end of the program.

Moreover, Shaun T will include some special bonuses once you click order. These are the following:

  • Stretch Workout so you can also develop flexibility while relaxing your muscles
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band which replaces dumbbells entirely and help sculpt and tone your whole body
  • 5-Day Fast Track that gives you a head start in getting results for the first 5 days of the training
  • 24/7 online support so you can gain access from professional support and an online community of successful clients to give you encouragement at any time of the day

Shaun T is also willing to let you try the program for 30 days without financial risk. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so if in case you are not satisfied in 30 days, you can get a full money refund.

The verdict

Not everyone has the time to do long workouts at the gym or even at home but everyone surely has 25 minutes for approximately about 15 hours that you are awake during the day. This time, you will not have excuses for setting fitness aside. Shaun T has given you the key to make your time and your fitness meet.

A lot of people has been transformed by the Focus T25 and even posted photos of themselves before and after they started the program. As a matter of fact, a lot of other people are thinking about buying this right now. So what are you waiting for? Order your own copy of the Focus T25. It is only as good as it lasts on the shelves!

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