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Unleashing the Beast in You: A Body Beast Review

  • July 27, 2019

We understand that you really want the body that you have seen on models from television or in magazines. You really admire having sculpted, toned and beefed up muscles and you would love them even more if they were on you. You are aware that people with bodies like that were not just sitting around, waiting for their favorite set of muscles to come upon them. You know they worked hard for it because they want to have it. Once in their lifetime, they were like you, but like them, have you actually done something?

You search for the internet for the perfect program to suit your goals of having a drop dead gorgeous body in just a few months’ time. However, you get overwhelmed by the ginormous amount of information that all these programs give you and you end up even more daunted to get started. That is when you stumbled upon an advertisement about Sagi Kalev and wondered if his new program, Body Beast actually works.

We will try to supplement you with information about how the Body Beast works. We will take a little sneak peek at what is inside this innovative workout program and get to know Sagi Kalev better.

Get ready to get ripped and turn heads in just 90 days. If you are up to this, then just keep on reading!

Who is Sagi Kalev?

Sagi Kalev is the person who developed Body Beast. He is originally from Israel and has been in Dallas, Texas since 1993 to pursue a career in bodybuilding and modeling. Back when he was still in Israel, he joined the Israeli Army joined a four year tour. He went back to weightlifting and body building. He held two Mr. Israel titles while being into these. A few years after that, he left to migrate to the United States and later earned his degree in Physical Education from the University of Central Florida. He is a certified by The Professional Personal Trainers Association (ProPTA) as a personal trainer and currently sits as a Senior Director of the same association.

Sagi has graced the pages of numerous famous publication including Muscle & Fitness, Iron Man, Reps, Men’s Workout and Hardcore Muscle. He began modelling after being discovered in a gym and worked with famous photographers in the country. He has appeared on television shows such as Baywatch and The Young and the Restless.

Sagi’s transfer of residence was certainly not in vain. He was able to win many body building competitions including the 1998 NPC Southwest USA Bodybuilding Championships and the 1999 NPC Lone Star Bodybuilding Classic at varying categories. He went back to modeling after a few years and was once again a frequent cover model in the previously mentioned publications.

He works now as a nutritionist and a fitness consultant at Beach Body. His partnership with the company has truly helped him share his ideals of living an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy diet. This was where and how he created the Beast Body workout program, a training course for the most determined and focused set of fitness enthusiasts.

What is Body Beast?

Body Beast is a revolutionary workout course that is meant for fitness aficionados who wish to get more ripping benefits in just a short amount of time. It uses pure science to back up the principles behind the workout moves. It uses a principle called Dynamic Set Training which is far from being the same with your usual arm curls and iron pumping. It makes sure that as you burn fat, you build muscle mass at the same time.

Workouts in the Body Beast system is guaranteed to work several muscles at a time so you do not have to spend as much time doing exercise. With just 30 minutes a day for only 90 days, you get to have a body as ripping as Sagi himself. All you need to do is to carefully follow the Body Beast Workout Calendar Sagi has prepared for you and to eat whatever is suggested in the Body Beast Eating Plan. Do not worry about this because it does not involve any form of starvation or deprivation. You just have to eat healthier using the suggestions and you are good to go!

There are 12 workout videos for you to follow. These are strategically spaced out into 3 blocks, each lasting for a month:

  • Block 1: You start to sculpt and contour your muscles while you build up strength. Workouts included are Chest & Tris, Back & Bis, Legs and Shoulders
  • Block 2: Sagi will try to push you to your limits as you see yourself transform into your most muscular self. Workouts are Back, Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Legs.
  • Block 3: The whole program is capped off by a rotation of all the aforementioned workouts to further define your muscles. 2 additional workouts are included – Beast Abs and Beast Cardio

Aside from the workout videos, you also get to have these very helpful tools:

  • Beast Training Schedule
  • Body Beast Eating Plan
  • Sagi’s Book of Beast – includes tips and tricks to help you get ripped in no time

What are the equipment needed to complete the program?

As you may have known by now, Body Beast is a resistance training program that targets to help you build muscle. The program suggests that you use the following to get the most benefit out of the workouts:

  • Dumbbells
  • EZ Curl Bars
  • Chin Up Bar
  • Chin Up Max
  • Adjustable workbench

All of these items are available on the Beach Body website. However, if you already own similar things or if you feel like being resourceful, then you can opt to skip buying these.

Why should you buy Body Beast?

Sagi Kalev did not promise to give you a good time while working out. What do you expect from a program that guarantees to beef you up in just 90 days? However, he was pretty sure when he said that you will love him after you see results.

Body Beast has also been proven to work on women who wants to have a sculpted and toned body. Take it from the women who already posted their share of before and after photos of themselves in the product’s website.

Aside from getting the workout DVDs and tools, Sagi will also include some other items as a gift for you. These are:

  • An additional workout video, Total Body
  • Free access to Body Beast’s premium online program
  • Free mobile access to Body Beast’s program

You also get to try and finish the whole program for the first 90 days before deciding whether it is effective or not. If it is not, then it is yours for free!


Truth be told, saying that you want a hot body is far easier said than actually doing something to get it. Working to get that body is never easy but it can be faster and more efficient. By following the Body Beast program carefully, all your efforts will not be left unrewarded. Order Body Beast now and get ready to join the hundreds of people who have already done their work and are now enjoying smoking hot bodies!

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