Tighten Up Those Buns! – A Brazil Butt Review

  • July 10, 2019

Ever wondered if you can get the lifted, perfectly shaped bum? Will you ever get back the buttocks that you thought were always there but failed to show up these days? It is practically a default for women to want a sexy butt. However, our desire to be empowered and career driven while being family centered has put its toll on our body, depositing unwanted fats on areas we need to be sculpted and lean. How can we ever go back to the previous body we once had before? Will we ever bring the sexy back?

This issue has caused so many workout programs to spring out of the blue like mushrooms. Because of their number and diversity, you are not quite sure if which one really works and has the greatest value out of your money. To add to this, these programs are basically just the same with each other, only varying on who is hosting the program. This matters has made Leandro Carvalho more determined to help more women in achieving the dream body that they want through the Brazil Butt Lift workout program.

In this video, we shall discuss how the Brazil Butt Review works and see what its contents are. We will also introduce to you the person behind the development of this program, Leandro Carvalho and see how his contributions to the fitness industry made impact on men and women alike.

Are you ready to put on that sexy bikini and strut your stuff? This review might just lead you there. Read on!

Who is Leandro Carvalho?

Known as the Brazil Butt Master, Leandro Carvalho is one of the number one go to names when it comes to health and fitness. Originally from Brazil, he has received a degree in physical education from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and trained employees of Petrobas.

He was able to come to New York to dance with Merce Cunningham and other dance companies. Through this experience, he has seen the need for his fellow dancers to develop a system to prevent injuries and attain rehabilitation should one occur. This has led him to study different approaches to addressing this issue. He eventually came up with numerous holistic programs that are not only suitable for dancers, but also to any person regardless of age or sex.

He is popular for having trained famous people such as the Victoria’s Secret Angels. He even started designing Brazil Butt Lift program for one of the Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio. How is that for a proven track record?

He is currently working with Equinox, a giant in the fitness industry and is touring all over the United States to help people regain their healthy bodies. He has been feature in several magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue and guested on many TV shows such as Fox 5, The Today’s Show and E!

What is the Brazil Butt Lift?

Leandro understands that the buttocks is made up of not one but three muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. A common mistake by usual workout programs is that they only focus on developing and sculpting only one of these muscles. With the Brazil Butt Lift, you get to work out all three through the TriAngle approach where you hit these muscles at all angles. The moves in the work outs are drawn from ballet, capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance.

The program also includes a Bootylicious Meal Plan that helps you decide and customize the food you need to eat for the day. Leandro believes that you should not starve in order to get the booty that you want. Which is why he laid out a plan for you to eat a healthy and fresh selection of food that is sure to build lean muscle.

Brazil Butt Lift gives you a set of workout videos that are easy to follow. Some workout are also included to target your abs and the rest of your body so you can maximize the good looking effects of having a gorgeous butt. The videos in the package are:

  • Basics – This teaches you the basic moves and techniques that works your butt
  • Bum Bum – Focuses on butt sculpting
  • High and Tight – This specializes in the lifting of your butt
  • Sculpt – So you can sculpt the rest of your body too
  • Cardio Axe – More of a dance routine that helps your lungs and heart
  • Tummy Tuck – A workout that gives you sexy abs

Tony also included a set of tools for you to easily go through the butt busting program and get the best results:

  • Booty Makeover Guide – An assessment tool that lets you know what kind of butt you have and the best workout approach appropriate for your bum
  • Booty Makeover Calendar – To help you determine what kind of workout you should do for the day
  • TriAngle Training Workout Cards – If you need to travel and you will not have access to a DVD player, these cards can help you in working out away from home
  • Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure – So you can keep track of your progress

Should I buy the Brazil Butt Lift?

If you wish to have a bikini-worthy booty in no time, then this program is definitely for you. However, if you wish to have a more intense overall workout, then maybe you should look for other whole-body workout programs.

Many women have already been helped by this revolutionary program. You can see them through their before and after shots posted in the product’s website.

Tony wants to make sure that you get the best results out of this program so he decided to include these 4 bonuses when you purchase the Brazil Butt Lift now:

  • 6 Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan – Speeds up your butt beautification for 6 days
  • Bum Bum Rapido Workout – Allows you to lift up your butt quickly
  • Strength Band – For resistance during workouts
  • Free online support – So you can gain access to support and encouragement from professional coaches online

He assures you of a 60 day money back guarantee so you can have a full money refund in in case things do not work for you. You also get to have a free, special pair of statement shorts after you complete the program. All you have to do is send a before and after photo of yourself showing a transformation of your bum.

Is it worth a shot?

Leandro believes that you deserve the best and that you should not settle for less. This program has been named by the New York Magazine as the best fitness class in New York which is why recommends this for you to get the body and the confidence you need to flaunt yourself and show the world how great you are. Why resist an opportunity?

If it is a drop dead gorgeous body with a good looking bum is what you want, then the Brazil Butt Lift workout program is for you! It is time to work out that butt and finally bring the sexy back! Join the thousands of women who have enjoyed strutting their stuff with full confidence and order your very own Brazil Butt Lift now!

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