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Tilt, Tuck and Tighten to the Next Level: A Hip Hop Abs Extreme Review

  • August 1, 2019

Not everybody is a fan of a flabby abdomen. You would hate it even more if it was on you. Sitting around for the most part of the day has brought a lot of your fats to congregate in your problem areas particularly your tummy. Now, you get too conscious for walking around with a muffin top and you decide to do something to erase it.

You may have heard about Shaun T after looking around for some workouts that could help you turn things around. In fact, you may have tried one of his workout programs and found out that it was a lot of fun. Hip Hop Abs perhaps? If you still have not found the most efficient solution to get rid of the flab around you waist, then Shaun T is here to offer you one of his powerful training courses—the Hip Hop Abs Extreme.

If you are ready to strut a flat, toned and sexy belly after a few weeks, then just continue reading as we reveal to you how Hip Hop Abs Extreme works and how it is different with its predecessor, Hip Hop Abs. We will also talk a little about Shaun T and how he got into this business.

Are you set for an extreme abdomen ripping workout? Just relax and keep on reading.

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun Thompson, or Shaun T a very famous fitness coach and a dance choreographer. He grew up in New Jersey and has earned his Baccalaureate degree in Sports Science from Rowan University with a minor in Theater and Dance. He has been an athlete even before finishing his studies. He was then a track and field player.

After graduating from the university, he got serious with the fitness business and went on to work with big companies such as Equinox and Wyeth. He was associated with famous fitness gurus such as Kathy Smith of Project: You.

Aside from being a reputable fitness personality, Shaun has also took a lot of projects in the entertainment industry either as a performer or a choreographer. He has worked alongside famous celebrities and music personalities such as Val Kilmer, Adam Lambert, Queen Latifah and Mariah Carey.

Shaun T soon partnered with Beach Body, an established empire of fitness and lifestyle products, and launched his first workout program in 2007. This is the popular Hip Hop Abs which gained world wide recognition for being very doable and efficient in giving results. Since then, he has been unstoppable in designing various programs that suit the needs of different sets of clientele.

Shaun T continues to inspire more people through his workouts. He travels a lot to meet people all over the country who want to be transformed into healthier versions of themselves.

What is Hip Hop Abs Extreme?

Hip Hop Abs Extreme is actually a sequel of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs workout. However, it is a more intense version, ripping your abs much faster. Like the previous one, it makes use of the Tilt, Tight and Tighten principle during the workouts. These fundamental moves are very apparent in the upbeat and musical workout routines and is considered by Shaun T to be very essential to toning, defining and ripping your abdominal area. By constantly doing these moves throughout the workout, you can get the sexiest set of abs without having to get on the floor to do sit ups and crunches.

Although relatively advanced compared to the previous installment, Hip Hop Abs Extreme is still very easy to follow and very enjoyable to do. Shaun T is very fun and thorough in teaching the steps. He does this in a way that you would easily understand. The whole thing is far from boring, you would not notice you are working out.

Hip Hop Abs Extreme consists of 2 workout videos that are basically a levelled up version of some of the workouts from the Hip Hop Abs system. These are:

  • Extreme Cardio – Shaun T teaches you 3 simple but fun dance routines. This workout will really raise your heart rate as you do some advance moves towards the end of each routine. It has a warm up routine and 2 main workout routines, all together lasting for about an hour.
  • Extreme Abs – This will surely challenge your core as you do c-sits, planks and squat thrusts. However, there are not sit ups or crunches involved as promised. This workout lasts for 10 and a half minute.

If you are still a newbie with the whole Hip Hop Abs thing, you can follow one of Shaun T’s companions as she demonstrate simplified modifications for you to follow. However, if you wish to step up your game and burn more calories especially with the cardio workout, you can opt to wear weighted gloves or use weights to add an additional challenge.

Why should you buy Hip Hop Abs Extreme?

Only a few things surpass the sexiness of having a well-sculpted and toned flat abs. With Hip Hop Abs Extreme, you get the chance to have this in just a few days by having so much fun doing Shaun T’s dance routines. You also do not have to leave your home to work out. However, if you are travelling, you can still do the workout because it does not really require you to use any equipment to finish the whole program.

If you are still hesitant if this thing really works or not, then do not worry. Just buy it today and try it for 30 days. If it does not work for you than you can have a full money refund and keep the item to yourself.

The verdict

Gone are the days when you have to suffer neck and back pains from doing sit ups and crunches. With the all new Hip Hop Abs Extreme, you can now have a smoking hot pack of 6 while dancing your way. What are you waiting for, then? Grab your own copy and start working your abs right away!

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