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Ripping Your Abs a Notch Higher: A Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Review

  • July 2, 2019

There are only a few things that are way sexier than having the perfect, well sculpted abdomen. It is certainly not easy to get one for your own as it having a 6 pack entails that you sacrifice some time, effort and indulgence to develop it. Some people would even resort to stepping into a gym and getting into weird diet fads just to look smoking hot with a ripped tummy.

This is not you though. You like to actually do something and see some results from sheer hard work. You might have probably done a workout program or two and finally saw some results on your abs. You turned into a sweat machine just a few days or weeks (or heck, even years!) back and reaped some fruits of your effort as evidenced by the emergence of what seems to be a six pack. However, you see that there is definitely something that you can still do. Now that you finished something and harvested its benefits, you realize that you are actually capable and you can do something to make it even better. Question is, how can you turn a sexy set of abs into a sexier, hotter one?

Shaun T has the answer for that. For fitness enthusiasts like you who could not just settle for anything less, he designed the Hip Hop Abs Ultimate as the ultimate add on to your workout programs.

In this review article, we will show you what is inside the Hip Hop Abs Ultimate program, as well as discuss to you how it works and how it is different with its predecessors Hip Hop Abs and Hip Hop Abs Extreme. We will also briefly introduce to you the brains and muscles behind these powerful programs, Shaun T.

Ready to be drop dead gorgeous in a few weeks’ time? Just keep on reading!

Who is Shaun T?

Before we continue with the whole thing, let us first acquaint ourselves with the creator of the Hip Hop Abs series. Born Shaun Thompson, Shaun T is a well known fitness guru and is a native of New Jersey. He started taking interest in fitness and sports back when he was still attending college at Rowan University as he was a track and field athlete. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from the same university and had a minor in Theater and Dance.

Since then, he went on to work with the biggest names in the health and fitness industry. He was associated with numerous big companies such as Wyeth and Equinox and has worked alongside famous fitness personalities such as Kathy Smith of Project: You.

You may have caught a glimpse of this fitness superstar on TV and in the theater. This is because Shaun T also had experiences of working in show business either as a performer or a choreographer. He has performed or trained with famous personalities such as Val Kilmer, Adam Lambert, Queen Latifah and Mariah Carey.

After engaging in a partnership with Beach Body, Shaun later launched his first workout program with the company, Hip Hop Abs in 2007. It gained world wide recognition for being a very effective and fun way to workout. After celebrating the success of his first project, Shaun designed numerous workouts to target people of all ages and skill levels including the Insanity series, and of course the sequels to the Hip Hop Abs program.

Shaun T continues to inspire more people through his workouts. He travels a lot to meet people all over the country who want to be transformed into healthier versions of themselves.

What is Hip Hop Abs Ultimate?

Hip Hop Abs Ultimate is Shaun T’s latest addition to the Hip Hop Abs series of workouts. Unlike the first 2 installments however, this one actually pushes you to another dimension of abs workout. It is a bit more intense compared to Hip Hop Abs Extreme but is sure to give you ripping abs in no time.

It still employs the Tilt, Tuck and Tighten principle behind its every workout but since this is already the third installment of the series, Shaun T assumes that you already know about this stuff and leaves the whole Tilt, Tuck and Tighten thing up to you. For those who are still first timers, do not be daunted though because this is actually fairly easy to do and pretty much anyone can catch up after a few minutes into the workouts.

As per usual, the workouts are guaranteed to give you a well sculpted and toned abdomen without ever getting on to the floor to do sit ups and crunches that never do good with your back and neck. Since it is a bit more intense, you can expect to see results after just a few weeks. The videos are very easy to follow and Shaun T makes sure that you have fun doing the workouts by incorporating some party music. The workouts include:

  • Fat Burning Cardio 2 – Includes advanced workout moves that are guaranteed to help you burn massive amounts of calories in just 40 minutes.
  • Ab Sculpt 2 – A levelled up core-strengthening workout that is sure to give you that ripped, perfectly toned abs. This lasts for 35 minutes.
  • Total Body Burn 2 – Practically a combination of the two workouts and is designed to work multiple muscle groups at one time. It lasts for 50 minutes.

If you are still new to the whole business, one of Shaun T’s crew will show you some helpful modifications to somehow reduce impact and to help you get a good start with the routine.

Why should you buy Hip Hop Abs Ultimate?

Doing the same length, intensity and type of exercise over and over again could initially give you positive results. However, it could actually slow your progress down in the long haul. It is best that you step up your game to continually get the most out of your efforts to exercise. And what better way to do this with having Shaun T all throughout the process?

Aside from being very easy to follow, the program also saves you from hurting your neck and back because it does not require you to do sit ups and crunches. The upbeat music and fun dance moves incorporated into the workouts also help a lot in making you breeze through the whole thing.

Also, when you order Hip Hop Abs Ultimate today, you will get free items as a gift from Shaun T. These are the following:

  • Get Abs or Die Trying dance routine – An addition to your ab ripping dance workout collection
  • Weighted Gloves – So you can level up further by adding an extra challenge to the routines
  • Advanced Workout Calendar – To help you keep track of your progress for 60 days.

The package also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The conclusion

The Hip Hop Abs series of workouts is an already established program that has already helped thousands of people in getting the body that they have always wanted. Join the thousands of people who now have rock hard abs and smoking hot bodies without ever having to do a single sit up. Do not wait for Shaun T’s offer to go away and order your own Hip Hop Abs Ultimate today!

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