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How Many Calories Burned Doing Jumping Jacks?

  • March 4, 2020

Jumping jacks is one of those fantastic exercises you can do wherever you are with no special equipment necessary. It looks like a simple exercise, but it will increase your heart rate and move almost all muscle groups, thereby effectively burning calories. You can use it as a warm-up or include it in your training. Whatever you do, it is an amazing exercise to keep you fit.

But, just how many calories do jumping jacks burn? Jumping jacks can make you burn around 8 to 14 METs, but that depends on the activity’s intensity. It’s a significant difference when you are at rest, where you burn around one calorie per hour for every 2.2 pounds of your weight. A moderate activity makes you lose around 3-6 METs while vigorous activities make you burn over 6 METs. It shows that jumping jacks make an excellent calorie-burning exercise.

It looks like jumping jack is merely a basic exercise, but it offers incredible benefits. As someone trying to live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit, you must wonder if it’s an excellent exercise to add to your workout. Why don’t we find out?

How Many Calories Can You Lose by Doing Jumping Jacks?

How many calories do 100 jumping jacks burn? If you are an adult, you will most likely burn around 100 to 200 calories when you perform 100 jumping jacks. How about if you do jumping jacks less than this, how much calorie can you burn? How many calories can you burn by doing 50 jumping jacks? How many calories do 40 jumping jacks burn?

The answer depends on several factors. For sure, you can have an effective cardio workout with jumping jacks and burn more than a few calories. But if you ask the exact number of calories you will burn, it is hard to give a definite answer.

Jumping jacks is a total-body exercise, which you may also add to your calisthenics routine. It is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Since it only needs your body weight, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Aside from raising your heart rate, it also improves your endurance and muscular strength.

Whether you lose a hundred or more calories when doing jumping jacks, it differs for each person. The main factor is your weight but also intensity – a 120-pound person can lose around 8 calories per minute. If you perform it for 30 minutes, you can burn roughly 240 calories. Of course, there are several other factors to consider, which we will discuss next.

Factors that Affect the Number of Calories You Burn

First things first, there’s one thing to keep in mind about doing any calorie-burning exercise at home – they are all estimates. That is unless you work with an exercise physiologist in a medical clinic who can hook you up to some incredible machinery for accurate calorie reading. You cannot accurately count the number of calories you burn, but some estimates don’t hurt.

Body Weight and Composition

Numerous variables affect the number of calories you burn, which includes genetics, body composition, body weight, and so on. Both body weight and body composition are considered the most significant variables to burn calories. If you are a bigger person, you will likely consume more calories, even at rest. However, it usually takes weeks or months before you see any noticeable change.

Intensity and Pace

If it is calorie burning that you are after, the key is to intensify your jumping jack activity. The question is, ‘how?’ There are two ways – you can do the jumping jacks at a slow pace, but at a higher number or you can do it at a fast pace but with a low number of jumping jacks. It will give you the necessary boost, so your body burns the calories.

Say you weigh 170 pounds and you perform jumping jacks at a moderate pace for around 10 minutes. You can only burn about 44 calories for that. But if you up the intensity, you can burn an incredible 102 calories. It is over twice what you can reap if you do it at a moderate pace, which shows that the intensity of the activity matters.

Sex and Age

Your sex and age are also factors that affect how much calories you will burn when doing jumping jacks. Generally, males will burn more calories compared to females who perform the same workout at the same intensity. It is also because of body composition with males having more muscle and less body fat.

Age affects the body’s burning process in that many things change when it comes to health as you age. One of those things is the number of calories a person burns. When you get older, the process slows down. It is because of the increase in body fat and decrease in muscle mass. Therefore, even jumping jacks might make it hard for you to burn calories if you are older.

Can You Lose Weight This Way?

You can, but it will take more than just jumping jacks. Cardiovascular exercise is crucial in weight loss. However, you need to remember that you will have to burn approximately 3500 calories if you want to lose a pound of fat. If you’re going to lose more than a couple of pounds, then you need to burn a few thousand calories.

Generally, you can do this by taking in only fewer calories each day. Also, you will have to increase your physical activity. Creating a more extensive routine with jumping jacks is only one part of it. You can include them in strength training sets or a cardio circuit. You can include other exercises like burpees and squats, which also help to add the calories you burn.

Besides burning calories and weight loss, it is nice to know that jumping jacks are useful for other things. Performing this activity also helps boost your cardiovascular fitness while the full-body movement strengthens the lower body muscles. Your quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors all benefit from jumping jacks. Even some parts of the upper body benefit as well.

Are There Things to be Cautious About?

Jumping jacks are generally safe. However, you have to be cautious or at least aware of a few things before you try them. Do you have any injury in the lower body? Are you prone to chronic pain, particularly in the knees or ankles? It is dangerous to try jumping jacks if you have any of these conditions, so it is best to talk with your healthcare provider about it first.

When doing the workout, make sure that you are in a safe or comfortable place. It is best to do it on a padded surface or a carpeted one. People who aren’t used to exercise will likely feel pain and discomfort at first. But if it is particularly painful, stop and discuss with an expert if there are any alternatives you can try instead.

Final Thoughts

Jumping jacks are genuinely an excellent calorie-burning activity. It is good for you both physically and mentally. Remember not to overdo, or you might end up with injuries, anxiety, or stress. Instead of helping you get healthy and fit, it might make your overall well-being worse. Talk with professionals to find how best to incorporate jumping jacks in your exercise routine!

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