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Going Insane for Rock Hard Abs: An Insanity Fast and Furious Abs Review

  • July 8, 2019

You consider yourself a fitness junkie. At one point in your life, you have done a series of serious workouts and ate the healthiest diets that there could possibly be. Everything went well and you thought you had the sexiest six pack until life got in the way.

Probably you got married, got promoted in your job or simply, you just got tired from doing the same thing over and over again. You could actually see your waistline inching to becoming a pot belly given a few more weeks.

Do you wish to get back on your feet and regain your beastly abs? You do not have an hour a day to do exercise but you sure have 15 minutes to do something. Come to think of it. You can spare a 30th of your waking hours every day to actually get a rock hard set of abs.

Shaun T has something that can fit into a 15 minute free space in your schedule. This is the Insanity Fast and Furious Abs that is guaranteed to shred your tummy in no time.

In this review we will take you to a walkthrough of the whole package and discuss how it is different from its predecessor Insanity. We will also introduce to you the brains and muscles behind these workouts, Shaun T.

If you are in to go crazy and get sexier and hotter abs in an instant, then just keep on reading as we take you to a step closer into achieving that.

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T, otherwise known as Shaun Thompson, is a well-known fitness guru and dance choreographer. He grew up in New Jersey and earned his baccalaureate degree in Sports Science at Rowan University with a minor in Theater and Dance. He has been into sports and fitness even when he was in college as evidenced by his participation in the university’s track and field.

He continued his journey with fitness after graduating from Rowan University as he got into the corporate world working as a fitness consultant and director for some of the largest companies in the industry. Examples of which are Wyeth and Equinox. He was also able to help many famous fitness coaches such as Kathy Smith of Project: You in choreographing steps for the project.

More than being a fitness enthusiast, Shaun T is also a performer and has worked with many big names in the entertainment industry such as Val Kilmer, Adam Lambert, Nick and Aaron Carter, Queen Latifah and Mariah Carey. He appeared on and choreographed many TV, film and theatrical productions like The Ten Commandments, Pippin, Applause, House of Payne, Six Feet Under and Beauty Shop. He has guested in many TV shows and has been featured in many publications.

His partnership with Beach Body has allowed him to launch his first workout program Hip Hop Abs in 2007. This product has gained world wide recognition for its effectiveness and suitability to those who are just beginning their journeys with fitness. This success has prompted Shaun T to create more and more workout videos that are tailor made for different consumers, ranging from kids to older people, regardless of skill levels.

He still continues to reach out to people who needs his help by doing a CBS podcast entitled Define Your Life with Shaun T. he travels around the world to meet these people and help them transform their lives.

What is Insanity Fast and Furious Abs?

If you have an idea of what the original Insanity and the Hip Hop Abs workouts are, then you would totally get the whole picture by just reading its title. Insanity Fast and Furious Abs is basically a modification of its previous edition, Insanity Fast and Furious. It packs the same intense moves and maneuvers from the original installment, only done on a jacked up speed. But like the Hip Hop Abs this time, it targets you core and abs, shredding them in less time.

Insanity Fast and Furious Abs contains the usual workout format which includes warm up exercises, the main workout routine and of course, a cool down exercise. The whole thing pushes you through your limits by letting you work out for long intervals without rest periods to catch your breath. However, if you do have to get that rest just in case your muscles are already crying for help, you can always pause the workout. It’s a video, who are we kidding?

If you start turning on your screens to get started with the workout, you will see that you will be encountering some of the workouts that you have already done in the Insanity workout. Only this time, you condense the 45 minute length of Insanity in 15 minutes. How crazy is that?

Do you need equipment to finish the program?

Like most of Shaun T’s workout videos, you do not really need anything to perform the workouts aside from making sure to have enough space for you to move about. It involves a lot of jumping, burpees and planks so it is better to secure this requirement. However, you can always give yourself a challenge, in case you think that the whole thing is not much of a challenge yet, by wearing weighted gloves and using weights.

Why should you buy Insanity Fast and Furious Abs?

If you are having trouble in squeezing in some workouts to prevent your belly from turning into a less sexy form, then this program can be the one for you. Insanity Fast and Furious is guaranteed to make your body cry for mercy while giving the best results after only a few weeks. It is very challenging considering its speed and intensity but anyone with the right skill level and attitude can definitely complete Insanity Fast and Furious Abs.

It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so it is certainly okay to give it a try.

The verdict

For sure, not everybody has an hour to spend for intense workouts. However, it is unusual to say that nobody has 15 minutes to spare for creating the most ripped set of abs. Join the thousands of people who now enjoy a hot body by getting your very own copy of the Insanity Fast and Furious Abs today!

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