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Blasting Your Body in Insane Speed: An Insanity Fast and Furious Review

  • July 6, 2019

You have been exercising for quite a while now. And more than that, you have ben exercising with Shaun T. now that you are done with his crazy Insanity workout, you wonder if there are still something else to do.

Since you have graduated from Shaun T’s previous workout, maybe it is safe to say that you are already comfortable in doing it again and again. However, studies have shown that as your body gets used to the same physical stress to which they are exposed to, your ability to reap results from the same exercise becomes lower. This is because your muscles are only capable of improving until they keep up to the demands of the exercise. What happens next? Your body stays the same while you sacrifice time and effort to exercise in vain.

This is why Shaun T created another sequel to this crazy workout, the Insanity Fast and Furious that is sure to turn you into a sweat-dripping beast in no time.

In this review, we will help you learn about what Insanity Fast and Furious is really about and introduce to you a little about Shaun T, the person behind all this craziness which is the Insanity series.

Who is Shaun T?

Born as Shaun Thompson, Shaun T grew up in New Jersey and earned his bachelor of science in Sports Science in Rowan University with a minor in Theater and Dance. He actually did athletics back when he was still a student. He played as a track and fielder and was a recognized one too.

He went on to work with the biggest names in the fitness world after graduating. He worked for large companies for health and fitness such as Equinox and Wyeth as a fitness consultant and director. He was also known to have worked with famous fitness celebrities such as Kathy Smith of Project: You. He helped her in developing a choreography for the project.

He also had many appearances in TV, film and theater. Examples are The Ten Commandments, Pippin, Applause, House of Payne, Six Feet Under and Beauty Shop. He was able to work with Val Kilmer, Adam Lambert, Queen Latifah and Mariah Carey either as a co-performer or a choreographer. He has had many TV guestings in various TV networks and has graced the pages of many fitness publications.

Despite his success in show business, Shaun T never left behind his passion for fitness and health. In 2007, he launched his first workout program Hip Hop Abs together with Beach Body, the country’s leading empire for health and fitness product. This workout gained popularity across the globe and has practically served as Shaun’s springboard into creating more and more workout programs that suit people from all ages and skill levels.

Currently, Shaun T is helping people achieve their dream bodies by maintaining his CBS podcast, Define Your Life with Shaun T and by travelling all over the world to meet these people.

What is Insanity Fast and Furious?

Insanity Fast and Furious is practically an upgrade to the previous installment. It still packs the same muscle burning moves, only in pace that leaves you catching your breath every after a few minutes or so. This workout program guarantees to bring you the same results but at a faster speed, making this perfect for those who wish to be at their tip top shape but are unable to because of a busy lifestyle.

As mentioned, Insanity Fast and Furious is just the original Insanity workout program, only jacked up on steroids. It still includes basic exercise phases such as the warm up, main exercise and cool down. It does not allow for a lot of rest periods to let you catch your breath but if you cannot take it anymore, you can always pause it for a while. It is just a workout video after all, so what the heck?

It still has all the notorious moves from the previous installment like the 1-2-3 Heisman, Ski Abs, Stance Jacks, Floor Switch Kicks and Power Knees. However, instead of doing all these in the usual 45 minute period, you will aim to finish this in 20 minutes.

Do you need equipment to finish the program?

Insanity Fast and Furious does not really require you to use anything to complete the whole workout. All it takes for you to do a routine is enough space for you to move around, as there will be a lot of jumping, burpees and planks that will be happening, a towel, and water. A lot of water.

However, if you think that the whole thing is not crazy enough, you can always wear weighted gloves or use weights. You can also use foam mats to help reduce the impact during jumping.

Why should you buy Insanity Fast and Furious?

This very suitable for fitness freaks like you who wish to squeeze in a crazy, body busting workout in between your hectic schedules. This is also perfect for those who already finished the Insanity workout program and is getting a little bit used to the same intensity of workouts. It is a workout video so you can go all crazy while you are all alone at the comfort of your home.

If you are still hesitating to upgrade to this product, you can be assured of its effectiveness with its 30 day money back guarantee. Just try it for 30 days and decide if it works for you. If it does not, then it is yours for free.

What are you waiting for?

Many people have vouched for the insane results that this intense workout has given them. It comes from a line of well-known, reliable products so you can be sure that this product is not just another run of the mill workout.

Now, using your busy lifestyle as an alibi to give up looking great is obsolete. Give this one a try and see how much work there is left to do!

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