The best fitness tracker for kids – reviews

  • July 2, 2019

Trackers for children may not yet be as ordinary as they are for grown-ups, however maybe they ought to be. What pursues is our determination of the absolute best gadgets available at this moment. Ensure that you give your children the best begin at wellness by getting them the coolest and craziest wellness trackers.

These gadgets ought not be mistaken for devices that empower guardians to remain associated with their youngsters for the duration of the day. Albeit some offer similar capacities, these wearables regularly utilize a GPS framework to pinpoint the precise area of your tyke on a guide.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

Ages 4+

How about we quit wasting time. Out of all wellness trackers for children we’ve run over, Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is our decision as the best gadget. Presently on its subsequent age, the movement band ticks all the privilege boxes. The thingamajig accompanies two significant updates over its ancestor. First there’s a dependably on shading screen rather than a highly contrasting screen. What’s more, second, Garmin has collaborated with Disney to convey a scope of marked structures.

Truly, regardless you get all the extraordinary highlights. This incorporates an assortment of instructive versatile undertakings for the children, and family step difficulties to get the guardians off the couch. As youthful ones achieve their everyday hour long action objective, fun actualities and a versatile experience trail are opened. The tracker likewise reminds children to remain dynamic with a move bar and even screens rest.

Guardians will indeed have the option to dole out their tyke errands to do around the house and Vivofit Jr 2 will give the children a prod when they have to finish them. These can be set up to repeat day by day or even week by week. Children can even acquire virtual coins for each undertaking you allocate, which they would then be able to use to reclaim in-application rewards.

The waterproof gadget accompanies a going with cell phone application for guardians. You can add different youngsters to the application to see every one of your children’s day by day action in one spot. Characters from the groups will likewise appear in the versatile application.

The Vivofit Jr 2 band is accessible in various beautiful topics including Star Wars, Stretchy Avengers, Marvel and Minnie Mouse. On the off chance that you like, you can likewise decide on the original gadget which comes at a somewhat lower cost and comparative spec.


  • Well-known brand.
  • Dependably on shading screen.
  • Marked structures.
  • Gamifies wellness and remunerates great conduct.
  • No charging.


  • More appropriate for more youthful children.

Fitbit Ace

Ages 8+

Fitbit Ace, the first fitness track for kids, is now available worldwide. Fitbit is associated with the children’s fitness market. And it makes sense because it is a market that most players do not use. And, frankly: obesity statistics in the developed countries is deserted. Nearly a third of young people in the United States are overweight or overweight. Now he is using an Altai-style rival Fitbit Ace, who is more than eight years old.

Humidity monitors automatically track the number of steps, activity time and sleep time and increase activity. Battery life up to 5 days with two bright colors. Because it has an OLED tap display, your kid can see their progress in real time. The tracker dishes out rewards for moving with celebratory messages and fun, collectible badges. And, if you have a Fitbit yourself you can promote a bit of friendly family competition.

The Ace is a one size fits all affair. It is meant for wrists measuring between 125mm and 161mm and, just like the Alta, the width of the tracker is only 15mm.


  • Integrates into Fitbit’s range of products.
  • suitable for older kids. Family accounts in app.
  • light and comfortable to wear.


  • Needs to be charged every 5 days, only tracks fitness (no games like Vivofit Jr 2)

Fitbit Ace 2

Ages 6+

Ace 2 is intended for children from 6 years and older, in contrast to the first iteration for children from 8 and older. Thus, a strong and well protected structure. New color lines and accessories have appeared, and there are animated clocks on the face of the tracker that change during the day when you take some action. There are motivational questions that motivate children and colorful avatars, and the cover makes the whole experience even more interesting. In terms of actions, Ace performs two levels of activity throughout the day, sets temporary targets for active sleep, according to WHO recommendations, virtual icons, and so on. The tracking device of the first generation does not have a heart rate monitor, and Ace 2 does not have a heart rate monitor.

The Fitbit family account allows consumers to protect and track their children’s personal information. In the parent view, you can navigate between views and narrow views of children to see activity and progress. You can also choose what your child is talking about and what information he sees. This device is available in two colors: “watermelon and cheese” and “neon yellow and night sky”.


  • The best Fitbit for younger kids.
  • Can take a beating.
  • Large display.
  • Family accounts in app, virtual badges.


  • Needs to be charged every 5 days.
  • Only tracks fitness (no games like Vivofit Jr 2

Omate Wherecom K3

Ages 6 to 10

This intelligent livecare is the first of its kind in Android 5.1 Lollipop. In case of emergency, a smart watch 3G, GPS, pedometer and SOS button are provided. There is a microphone and speakerphone for speakerphone. Since the watch has 3G, children do not need to carry the phone to work. 1.54-inch color touch screen, 3G SIM card slot, microphone display and speaker. These include pre-installed helper applications such as games, calculators, and a stopwatch. There is also a bar for steps to save the little people in the world of fitness.


Ages 5 to 13

The company X-Doria, which we usually associate with accessories for smartphones, has become an affordable fitness tracker for children aged 5 to 13 years. The device is called KidFit, which includes a removable silicone strap of four colors: blue, pink, black and yellow. Your child’s wrist rest is enough to not get lost. The battery is saliva resistant and has a maximum battery life of 7 days, after which it can be charged via USB. The tracker itself has LED indicators. When entering the hibernation mode, the orange indicator flashes. When the child wakes up and the device starts tracking activity, the green indicator flashes. When you press the sync button, the indicator lights up in blue. Instead of counting steps or calories, each child’s daily goal is set individually and calculated using a clear 100-point scale. It is clear that the pedometer tracks the track and distance in the background. Manufacturers know that scaled scales are easier to understand. Parents are encouraged to set goals using iOS or Android apps that connect to smartphones or tablets using low-power Bluetooth and provide feedback to children.


  • Affordable.
  • Simple kid-friendly design.
  • Customized daily target.


  • LED indicator (no proper screen), only splash proof.

TickTalk 3 Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch

Ages 5 to 12

This touch-screen gadget attempts to consider every contingency. It joins 2-way video calling (in 800×480 dpi goals), voice calling, Wi-Fi calling, savvy informing, and area following abilities into one straightforward gadget. The organization says this is the sole children’s watch telephone that can make video calls easily in the US.

On account of the recently included 4G gathering, the TickTalk 3 is half quicker than the past model at giving the exact area of your kid. It additionally, enables guardians to find various gadgets on a similar guide.

Fundamentally, the watch works like an independent cellphone. TickTalk is putting forth a $10 prepaid month to month plan with RedPocketor, however you can add another line to your very own GSM transporter, for example, AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and Cricket.

Sqord Activity Tracker

Ages 8 to 14

Sqord isn’t only a stage counter. This is a wellness trackers for children than rouses dynamic play by granting focuses for regular sound exercises. The wearable tracks a wide range of development and changes over everything into virtual rewards inside the cunningly planned cell phone application. Your children can likewise take an interest in a week after week leaderboard and in straight on difficulties with companions. Guardians can set objectives and make their own, extraordinary honors.

There is some true science to back the adequacy of this tracker as well. Outsider assessment with fifth graders found that beforehand dormant children utilizing Sqord expanded their action levels by 55%. Exercises worth following don’t simply happen ashore. Those water inflatable battles or swim meets can convert into enormous focuses inside the Sqord application. The Activity Pod can get hammered and continue following. The lightweight wristbands are agreeable and amazingly sturdy. At long last, Sqord utilizes a standard watch battery intended to last as long as 9 months. Which implies, no compelling reason to connect it consistently to charge. Supplanting the battery is simple and cheap.


  • Virtual rewards system.
  • Encourages play through fun game app.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Standard watch battery lasts 9 months, water-resistant.


  • The app is a bit confusing.

Kid Power Band

Ages 6+

Healthcare has become an ideal place to connect technologies that can be used with social security. UNICEF is an example of using state-of-the-art equipment to measure the nutritional status of children in developing countries. International organizations recently launched Kid Power Band, a sneaker cooperative with Target, to help children become more active and help children with malnutrition. This device acts as a normal pedometer and records activity. After completing a series of steps, the children perform a “mission” to launch a program for malnourished children. Thus, the more people are active, the more they are offered. UNICEF recently announced the winner of the Design for Good competition. These devices include childhood vaccinations that promote hand washing to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, and necklaces that store electronic medical records to track soap. All of these activities are part of UNICEF’s ability to defy good global competition to help women and children around the world. This week, the United Nations Children’s Fund is showing more than 6,000 primary school students in Chicago. The winner is integrated into the UNICEF Force of Children program, which allows students to actively help people around the world. Currently, the program has opened more than 301,000 packages with products.


  • Helps a worthy cause, price, simple design and functionality.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Battery needs to be charged every 5 days.
  • No fitness gamification functions

Caref GPS Phone Watch

Ages 10 and under

For parents who want something to track teens, options are fairly slim. This is where the Caref GPS Phone watch steps in – a GPS enabled watch that allows parents to track the location of their teens. Kids can call three numbers right from the phone. Mom and Dad can set up safe numbers on their app so the watch only accepts calls and texts from people who Mom and Dad choose.

Caref GPS features geofencing so you can be notified if the child leaves a designated area and 3 hour location breadcrumbs so you can see where they have been in case of emergency. If your child ever needs help, he/she simply presses the SOS button and it will place a call to three preset numbers (in order). A push notification alert is also sent to those three numbers as well as an email alert.

Nabi Compete

Ages 6+

There are many fitness trackers for kids, but the Nabi Compete was the first competitive group. It works very much like a traditional fitness tracker and consumes battery power, and the changes last three months. For communication between applications for smartphones there are two identical tapes. As a competition and an ordinary task, competitive prophets measure food and allow children to run, run or run. You can choose a destination on the street from a variety of tasks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge or the National Cycle. Or select a food destination and see who can burn calories in junk food. Children can learn calorie concepts while eating using familiar and familiar foods. There are reward systems that motivate your children. They can develop virtual pets by coping with tasks, feeding them and growing them as “moving points” that they can get when they act. Finally, you can share your mood with friends through a secure social networking site for your children and choose a teamwork option to achieve fitness goals with others.


  • Head to head contests.
  • 3 month battery life on a single charge rewards system.
  • Virtual pets keep kids engaged.


  • Users have reported sync issues. mixed reviews on Amazon.

iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

Ages 4+

The IBitz Kids Activity Tracker is an inexpensive pedometer that adapts to your clothes and tasks using the iBitz Kids iOS app. All game interactions occur on mobile devices. In this application experience, the child explores and explores galaxies in a spacecraft supported by footprints. The more active your child, the more gifts you can collect. Parents can set goals and improve real audit. You can also set up screen time and share adventures, such as Mother and Zoo Travel. The master password sets the master password to access this area. The device is available in seven colors, suitable for children, waterproof and has strong clips on the hips and shoes. The tracker remains active for 30 days, has a flashing LED during synchronization and turns on an additional battery.


  • Simple design.
  • Simple to use, price, water-resistant.


  • LED light – game interaction happens on the mobile device.

LG Gizmopal 2

Ages 4 and up

The child neighborly GizmoPal gives simple, solid approaches to monitor your youngsters, and offers straightforward two-way calling so you can keep in contact consistently. The solid structure factor utilizes sheltered and strong materials for your tyke’s dynamic way of life. The thing is IPX3 water safe evaluated for ordinary use (e.g., hand washing).

Whenever guardians can open the cell phone applications and view their kid’s area. You can likewise get cautions of their area at pre-set occasions. Moreover, in the wake of defining limits the watch will send warnings on the off chance that it distinguishes the youngster crossing them. This is incredible on the off chance that they’re outside playing, or on the off chance that somebody is home watching them.

GizmoPal fills in as a telephone, as well. Your kid can make calls to two guardians and get calls from up to four preregistered numbers. For included wellbeing, the telephone auto-answers calls following 10 seconds.

VTech Kidizoom DX2

Ages 4-12

If you are looking for Smart Baby Watch, which acts as a pedometer and smartphone, Kidizoom DX2 is the place for you. The elegant and elegant design of the DX2 digitally displays over 55 faces and is personalized in a similar way. There are two cameras that allow children to shoot everything – from action movies to random playback. Children can also use the attached smartphone application to customize images using a clock face. There are various new gaming and motion sensors for active testing. You can use the included micro USB cable to upload photos and videos and charge the battery. Smart watches are very useful and are a kind of road solution. This allows you to take advantage of several features of the smartphone without the need to access the smartphone.


  • Integrates smartwatch functions.
  • Camera for videos and pictures.
  • Assortment of games, great design and price.


  • May not suit those just looking for a fitness tracker, only splash proof.

LeapFrog LeapBand

Ages 4 to 7

LeapBand is a great device for children from 4 to 7 years old. This device turns active physical games and healthy eating habits into a variety of attractive virtual goods. This inexpensive fitness tracker for kids has a color-coded color screen and comes in various versions. However, the LeapBand is another device that does not take steps, distances, and sleep into account. Points required for virtual pets. Children can track the progress of activity in the energy range, which moves to the LeapBand screen. Every time you jump, shake, run or dance, you score points to earn new prizes. Players can choose from a variety of pets, including cats, dogs, dragons, monkeys, pandas, penguins, robots and unicorns. Points are achieved through physical activity. The classes are very interesting and include such activities as “walking like cancer”, “running like a helicopter”, “running like a turtle”. As they move and slaughter, the children open each of the eight additional pets and produce each virtual toy. Provide age-appropriate health and nutritional courses. This device can be an excellent tool for the development of healthy children.


  • Wonderful design.
  • Provides fun physical challenges.
  • Offers age-appropriate lessons about health and nutrition.


  • Bulky, not suitable for kids over the age of 7.

Mi Bunny Watch 3 for Kids from Xiaomi

The Chinese tech giant is a recent entrant to this market having launched the first generation Mi Bunny just two years ago. While the original device was primarily a GPS tracker, the company has followed this up with a couple of fully fledged kids smartwatches. The latest is an update to the Mi Bunny Phone Watch 2C, released earlier this year.

The wearable, which weighs only 51 grams, comes with multiple connection options including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS with A-GPS and BeiDou. It has a 1.41” AMOLED display with 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The resolution is 320 x 360 pixels.

The gizmo is jam-packed with functionality. First off Mi Bunny Watch 3 allows kids to make phone calls. The support for the dual 4G network means while they are on a call, the device allows them to send a voice message alongside.

There’s also 2 MP HD camera with a 30-degree shooting angle. The accompanying smartphone app works with the camera to identify plants, helping children learn about nature. Of course the camera has other uses, too. Kids can capture photos and videos at Full HD resolution. Parents are able to access the camera (and GPS coordinates) using the mobile app to ensure their little ones are safe.

In terms of other features, the watch keeps tabs on physical activity. It has an alarm, riddles, games and more. There is also a voice assistant and the gizmo can play music. At 30 hours, battery life is not hugely impressive. However, Xiaomi says the intelligent timepiece can provide up to 11 hours of standby time from a quick 10 minute top-up.

Mi Bunny Watch 3 has IPX7 compatibility so can withstand rain, sweat and even swimming in shallow water. The device is 43 mm wide and 15 mm thin.

We’ve seen several companies come out with kids wearables with similar features. However, seeing that it’s from Xiaomi, the most distinguishing factor is the low price. Mi Bunny Watch 3 is now on sale in China for CNY599 (around $90) – not bad considering the impressive specs. It comes in a choice of Pink or Blue straps which are made using food-grade skin-friendly hypoallergic TPU material. International availability is yet to be announced.

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