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Being a Fat-Busting Warrior: A Review on Les Mills Combat

  • July 16, 2019

You want to stay fit and live a healthier life so you turn your computer on and search for the hottest new workout programs available on the internet. Somehow, you get too overwhelmed with the several number of training programs out there. You wonder which one is suitable for the kind of person who enjoys a lot of punches, kicks and blocks during a routine. Someone like you. Then you stumble upon this review article to read about Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham’s Les Mills Combat, a powerful, effective means to burn calories, the mixed martial arts way.

More and more fitness gurus are leaning towards using martial arts as a way of making workout routines more interesting and fun to do. Many would even consider this as a fitness craze that drives many people into choosing it over your usual training programs. Indeed, almost all of these workouts are not easy but they do give satisfying results. One of these positively feedback product is Les Mills Combat.

If you wish to learn more about this hip, new way of exercising, then this review article is for you. Sit back as we try to discover a bit about the creators of the Les Mills Combat, including their background on fitness. We will also tackle the fundamentals of how Les Mills Combat work and see what other things are included when you buy the package.

Get ready to be a step closer to having fun while keeping a lean, athletic body. Just keep on reading and we will take you closer to that.

Who are Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham?

Dan Cohen is a well-known fitness coach. He has competed and won numerous martial arts competitions, including the British Master Kickboxing Competition and the World Kickboxing Competition. He has assimilated well with New Zealand’s culture after having been selected as a co-program director for BodyCombat, a fitness course by Les Mills. In 2003. He is known to be perseverant, hopeful and strong, as symbolized by his Maori Moko or tattoo.

Dan sticks with tradition when it comes to implementing his workout programs. He uses his experience in professional martial arts and engage this in trials and errors within at least a year before sharing it to the public. He has survived a serious back injury from doing his job and can never be more adamant in emphasizing that having a strong core is important.

Rachael Newsham or Rach is also a sought-after fitness guru. She has attended training in the world famous WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp in Thailand. She got serious about fitness after landing a job as a gym instructor at her local club. She was really inspired by the adage “Personality more important than qualifications” that was written in the criteria posted with the job advertisement while she was still applying. She specializes in martial arts and dance.

She has been a director of some of the Les Mills workouts including BodyCombat and Sh’Bam. She believes that doing such tasks feed different parts of her.

They have inspired thousands of people across the globe through their training programs for the past 14 years. Along with this, they have radiated their passion, intensity and enthusiasm in getting into the perfect shape. No matter what you think you are, they will push you to your limits just so you could get the goals you never thought was possible. They do this in their training programs such as the Les Mills Combat.

What is Les Mills Combat?

Les Mills Combat is an exciting new way of revolutionizing your daily workout routines. It employs moves based from Karate, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing. It promises to help you burn 1,000 calories per hour of exercise!

Dan and Rach incorporated the Fast Twitch Integration Training. This is a secret that involves all your fast twitch muscles, the ones that have greater capacity for change, in the workout moves which is combined and gradually increased in intensity. This means that you are more than burning fat; you are also developing your speed and agility as well. It is targeted to all persons regardless of fitness levels.

Are there any supplementary tools and equipment that I need to finish the program?

As for the equipment, all you need is a pair of dumbbells and the program’s set training gloves for you to get most of the upper body workouts. Dan and Rach also suggests you to supplement your workout with Shakeology, Results and Recovery Formula and E&E Energy and Endurance, all of which are liquid supplements available at their site.

Is the Les Mills Combat worth every penny?

The Les Mills Combat is a very quirky and interesting way to get into shape. It is quite straightforward and unpretentious. It addresses the monotony of doing your usual training programs. Also, you get to develop other skills and values through the coaches such as speed, accuracy, agility, enthusiasm and perseverance. Since it allows you to enjoy your workout, you will burn massive amounts of calories before you know it.

The site also made sure that you get the most value out of the deal by including additional bonuses when you avail of the Les Mills Combat training program today. These include:

  • Stay with the Fight Fitness Guide – Includes tips and tricks to help you perform the Les Mills Combat moves perfectly
  • Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide – Guides you on what to eat on a particular day
  • 7-Day Jump Start Guide – a 1-week plan that integrates metabolism enhancing foods into the daily plan to give you a jump start in your fitness journey
  • Les Mills Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter – A high-repetition combination of moves that will make all your muscles active
  • Free online support so you can gain access to inspiration and help from professional fitness trainers online

If you are still hesitant to get you own Les Mills Combat, you can have a try of the program by virtue of its 60-day money back guarantee. If things do not turn out great for you, you can have your full payment back.

The verdict

You can now have the rapid fat busting benefits of doing a mixed martial arts workout without leaving your own home. Instead of doing the usual cardio exercise, why not give this one a try? If you are looking for something exciting and productive in terms of fat-burning qualities, then go get your own Les Mills Combat today!

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