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Pumping Up a Leaner, Sexier You: A Les Mills Pump Review

  • July 17, 2019

For people who want to get leaner and more toned, or for those who just want to engage in a life other than work, family and hobbies, being engaged into doing exercise is one of the best solutions. Although many gym programs and classes are flourishing in the market today, some of us still prefer to do things by ourselves without leaving our homes. This is probably why you came to this site to read about the Les Mills Pump workout.

Les Mills Pump is among the many workout programs that allow you to be flexible with the whole fitness journey. Fitness programs do the job by allowing you to enjoy a thorough workout while saving time and energy from going to the gym and be with people you have met for the first time. However, unlike the Les Mills Pump workout, most of the programs are quite expensive with moves and approaches that can get old really quickly, not to mention that they deliver unsatisfactory results. These only leave you tired and frustrated at the end of every workout.

As for individual preferences, some of us desire a toned, lean looking body without the extra bulk. This applies especially to most women who just want to get into shape and live a normally fit life. If you are one of these people who are contented with having long, lean but strong muscles, then this Les Mills Pump review might help you in reaching your goals.

In this review, we will discuss how the Les Mills Pump workout give you the toned body that you desire without adding too much bulk in your body. We will also introduce to you the people who will be with you throughout the whole Les Mills Pump experience. So brace yourselves as we discover how you can be sexier and healthier in a fun and dynamic way!

Who will accompany you in the program?

Before we go on introducing the coaches, let us first see how the Les Mills group of trainers came about. Les Mills, a 4 time Olympic athlete from Auckland, New Zealand founded the Les Mills Company for the purpose of sharing his passion for sports and fitness. His family is also into this business, and were Olympic representatives of New Zealand themselves. Eventually, Philip, Les Mills’ son and the current CEO, joined in the company full time and made significant changes to make the company more accessible to all the people around the globe. He teamed up with some of his friends and created workouts that addressed the needs of all sorts of people. It was then that the Les Mills became international.

Les Mills made sure that when you do decide to take on a fun way of dealing with burning extra fat through the Les Mills Pump workout, you are well trained and supported by some of the group’s powerhouse coaches. These vibrant and enthusiastic people will help you along your fitness journey:

  • Emma Barry
  • Ben Feliciano
  • Ben Tang
  • Corey Baird
  • Dan Cohen
  • Jackie Mills
  • Asa Eriksson
  • Jericho McDuffie
  • Joel Freeman
  • Les Mills Jr.
  • Petter Ehrnvall
  • Rachael Newsham
  • Sheldon McBee
  • Susan Renata

These instructors have come a long way to become a Pump coach. They are world-class fitness enthusiasts who are willing to push you through your limits so you can get the most out of each workout.

What is Les Mills Pump? How is it different from other workouts?

The Les Mills Pump is a special workout handcrafted for people like you who only desire to tone lean and long muscles. In this workout, you will only be developing muscle strength without adding extra bulk. This is especially helpful for people who wish to remove extra flabs around problem areas without looking too beefed up.

This workout program is a strength training based workout program that is centered around the Rep Effect. The Rep Effect ensures that you get quick results by making use of lighter weights with several repetitions. This is said to be effective because as you increase your repetitions, your heart rate speeds up, somewhat mimicking an aerobic exercise. With the lesser weights, you can achieve a leaner, sculpted body while keeping the excess bulk from forming.

Unlike most workout series, the Les Mills Pump only requires you to do at least 3 workouts per week. You can do any kind of exercise you want for the rest of the week. This is to maintain and enhance your results by constantly changing your routines and challenging your body. This means that majority of the decisions regarding your fitness while on the Les Mills Pump program relies heavily on you. You also get to train your discipline and self-control!

The workouts are patterned in such a way that simulates a usual Les Mills BodyPump (the original fitness class by Les Mills) so you can enjoy the same benefits while at home. It is one of the exceptions from the usual Beach Body workouts because it has a lot of trainers from across the world to help you in getting fit. It also makes use of new, upbeat music so you can pump up your energy with ease and fun. The videos are specifically scheduled over a 90 day program in between your other workouts. Here are the training videos that you can enjoy:

  • Pump Challenge (20 minutes)
  • Pump and Burn (30 minutes)
  • Pump and Shred (45 minutes)
  • Pump Revolution (55 minutes)
  • Pump Extreme (55 minutes)
  • Flow (20 minutes)
  • Hard Core Abs (20 minutes)

When you get your own Les Mills Pump workout, you will also get to have the following:

  • A padded barbell with 4 plates, 2 weighing 5 pounds and the other weighing 10 pounds
  • A Fitness Guide
  • A Get Lean Nutrition Guide
  • A measuring tape and tracker card
  • Free online support

Why should I buy the Les Mills Pump workout?

If you are the type of person who do not want to add more muscle mass, then this program is definitely for you. It helps you become stronger and leaner by letting you use actual weights that are conveniently shipped along with the DVDs. Since this program does not require you to do Pump workouts every day of the week, you have the liberty of choosing how to exercise for the rest of the week. It is also perfect for those who are still beginning but want to learn the proper techniques of weight lifting and have great results in less time.

The verdict

The Les Mills workout course is a unique program that can definitely help you in developing your muscle strength without bulking up. Only a few of these workout programs exist and being introduced to one at a reasonable price is indeed a great bargain.

With the Les Mills workout, you can now attain beautiful results in a fun, dynamic way. So what are you waiting for? Go give Les Mills Pump a try! Join the thousands of transformed people and get ready to see yourself transform into your sexier, newer version!

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