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Sweat Fest with the Masters: A P90 Masters Series Review

  • July 23, 2019

Now that you are aware of the increasing prevalence of obesity and cardiovascular diseases in the world today, you decided to finally take a step into fitness and wellness by getting started with exercises. You try the first workout video you grabbed a hold on to and followed it for quite some time. You realize that these videos never really work and only cause you to shell out money in return for workouts that are inefficient and ineffective. You toss it into the trash can and right now, you are just waiting for the next big workout to come out.

Indeed, many workouts are already available in the market that are targeted to consumers with varying taste in exercises. There are some which are claimed to work for people who, like you, loves a little bit of intensity and prefers fast, dramatic results over the gradual ones. Unfortunately, only a few can deliver positive results and one of these is Tony Horton’s P90 Masters Series.

In this review, we will let you see how this incredible workout series can help you in toning, sculpting and building your body. We will also let you in a little sneak peek with its contents and introduce you to Tony Horton, the creator of this program.

If you are ready to get fit in just 90 days, then brace yourself as we go deeper into knowing about the P90 Masters Series.

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton has already established a big name in the fitness industry as a known fitness and wellness coach. P90 Masters Series is definitely not his first workout program. He has already released many globally successful workout programs such as P90X series and the 10 Minute Trainer which have helped so many people in attaining their health and fitness goals. He has worked alongside famous names in show business including Sean Connery, Shirley MacLaine and Rob Lowe. He also trained famous stars in the music industry like Usher, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Idol and Sheryl Crow, among others. He has appeared in so many TV shows and has been featured in so many health and fitness publications such as ESPN, Roll Call, and Men’s Fitness.

Like you, Tony Horton has not been as buffed and healthy as he is now. He only started lifting weight and getting interested in fitness when he was a college student at the University of Rhode Island. After graduating, he got associated to many big health companies and later on partnered with BeachBody to share his ideals in fitness and exercise. He specializes on many disciplines of fitness and exercise such as advanced stretching, post-rehabilitation training, yoga, aerobic training, resistance training.

What is P90 Masters Series?

P90 Masters Series is a sequel to Tony Horton’s P90 workout series. This is an intense version of the original P90 workout program that is guaranteed to deliver results in just 90 days. It is practically a middle ground between Tony’s P90 and P90X. It helps you targets different portions of your body by dividing the whole workout program into phases. However, in each workout routine, you are guaranteed to work every muscle of your body at once.

Each P90 Masters Series workouts includes a complete set of exercise routine. It has a warm up session at each beginning. It gradually gets intense during the main workout and varies according to the type of focus each workout has. The program has 6 workouts:

  • Sculpt 5-6 – a workout that aims to sculpt your body to the perfect shape
  • Sweat 5-6 – the cardio component of the program that will surely turn you into a sweat machine
  • Core Cardio – combines the principles behind the first two workouts so you can get the best of both worlds in just one workout
  • Cardio Intervals – a levelled up cardio exercise combined with ab and other non-weight exercises
  • Upper Middle Lower – a combination of non-weight exercises that is sure to target your upper, middle and lower body at the same time
  • Plyo Legs – works the whole body and preps you for levelling up into the P90X system

Why should I order Tony’s P90 Masters Series?

If you are tired of doing simple exercises but is not yet quite ready for getting into intense, back breaking workouts, then the P90 Masters Series is for you. It pushes you to your limits without being too unreasonable considering your current skill. Tony’s motivating attitude in the whole workout routine is also very encouraging.

The transition in between moves in the workouts are very flowing and involves a variety of styles. You can be sure that there is no monotony within the workout videos. The videos do not last very long but are nonetheless somewhat intense and productive. Since it does not require you to use weights, you can do this workout whenever, where ever you are. However, you can still opt to customize the difficulty by using weights or wearing weighted gloves to double your results.

When you order now, you will also have a bonus gift from Tony. He will include a free fitness guide so you can be well oriented with the things that you have to learn for the whole program to be effective. It comes with a money back guarantee so you can have a try of its effectiveness and have a refund once things do not turn out well for you.

The verdict

Tony Horton has shared so much to the people who want to take control of their health and wellness. His undying love for the discipline has allowed him to once again, create a revolutionary product to continue reaching out to people who needs his help.

More and more people are getting sick from diseases that could be prevented with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Do not join the statistics and become one of the sick people. Make a stand against sedentariness and get your very own copy of the P90 Masters Series today!

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