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Getting Ripped without Going Extreme: A P90 Review

  • July 23, 2019

You have seen so many people getting seek because of their weight. You have witnessed so many friends and family suffering from problems that very preventable through having a healthy and active lifestyle. So you decided on finally getting into shape. However, when you look up for ways on how to get started in the internet, you get bombarded with so many conflicting ideas on what to do and how to do it.

If you like to start on getting fit through exercise, you do realize that there are already a lot of exercise videos that you can just download anytime you want. The problem is that not all exercises are suitable for you, especially if you are just getting started and you have not been into any form physical activity before. This just seem to aggravate the first confusion. What exercise should you do?

Tony Horton has a solution for that. He has designed the perfect workout for newbies like you without leaving much on the effects and benefits department. This is the P90 workout system which is guaranteed to give you dramatic results in a pace that is perfect for your level.

If you wish to get healthier and feel sexier in just 90 days without going too intense, then just keep on reading as we take you through a walkthrough on what P90 really is and how it works. We will also give a brief introduction about the brains and muscle behind the P90 system, Tony Horton.

Are you ready to get those sexy and lean muscles? Then keep scrolling and reading!

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is superstar when it comes to fitness and health. He is a respectable fitness coach and is a native of Trumbull, Connecticut. He was not as fit as he is right now. He said that he only started to have an interest in fitness, particularly weightlifting while attending college at University of Rhode Island. After graduating, he got associated with numerous big companies, both in the fitness industries and in show business.

He worked as a personal trainer to an executive at 20th Century Fox and since then had numerous links to a lot of important people in entertainment and in the fitness world. His clientele became bigger. He also worked as an actor. Talking about putting up a really good physique in use.

He sold many bestselling books on health fitness and has been featured in many popular publications such as Men’s Fitness, Fitness, SELF, Women’s Health, People, LA HEALTH, ESPN, Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Politico, LA Times, Roll Call and Military Times. He gusted in so many television shows in various networks like CNN, ABC, A&E, NBC, CBS, FOX and TV Guide Network.

Tony is most known by his several workout programs that are targeted to variety of consumers from kids to the older population. After partnering with Beach Body, he contributed so many successful programs such as the P90X, Power Half Hour, Tony & the Kids!, and Tony & the Folks!, among so many others.

What is P90? How is it different from Tony’s other workout programs?

P90 is the perfect workout for those who are still beginning their journey to getting fit. You may have heard about Tony’s P90X and heard so much about its success. However, he insists that the P90X is not for everybody. The previous workout program involves a lot of intense routines that might intimidate the new aspirants from doing another workout ever again. This is why he created P90—to help you see your best shape in 90 days without too much intensity and body impact.

Despite the “gentleness” of these program, it does not necessarily mean that you get lesser results in proportion to what your initial body weight is. P90 strategically involves 10 workouts scheduled throughout a 3 phase 90 day time frame. The workouts are only short, very simple to follow and still guarantees to help you lose weight fast. The phases include:

  • Phase A: This is where Tony helps you contour your body by sculpting and toning your muscles, especially on problem areas.
  • Phase B: This phase involves workouts that are sure to keep you reaching for your next breath. This pushes you to your limits without being too unreasonable for your age and skill level.
  • Phase C: This caps off the entire workout period and helps you complete the whole transformation by making you do exercises that further shape and tone your body.

Each phase consists of 3 workouts named Sculpt, Sweat and Ab Ripper, all of which varies in intensity as you go along the phases. The 10th workout video is called Saturday Special that is targeted to turn you into a sweat machine during weekends.

Tony designed this program this way because he believes that by gradually increasing the intensity of each workout, you are able to increase your skill level as well. This is what he calls Sectional Progression. This is very appropriate for people who are still starting out to exercise, just like you.

When you buy the P90 system today you will be able to grab hold of the following aside from the workout DVDs:

  • Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide
  • 4 Step Power Plan
  • “How to Hit It” Tutorial

What equipment should you use?

P90 does not require you to use any gym equipment or anything else at all. This programs makes it easier for you to do it whenever or where ever you are. However, you may opt to use weights and resistance bands or wear weighted gloves if your wish to increase the level of difficulty.

Why should you buy P90?

P90 is definitely for the ones who are still hesitant to start off a fitness journey in extreme ways. It is tailor made for people who have not done exercise for a long time or have not done any at all. This is very applicable to the populations with extremes of age or with novice expertise in fitness.

The kitchen guide included in the package also makes this program very holistic. Aside from the 3 tools included, you will also grab hold of the following items for free:

  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band
  • 6-Day Shred
  • 90-Day Workout Calendar
  • 24/7 Online Support

If you are still hesitant about trying out this program, then do not worry. Just buy the P90 workout and finish the whole thing in 90 days. If it does not work, then it is yours for free!

What are you waiting for?

Tony Horton has once again addressed the problem of a certain group of people who wish to start a fitness journey minus the injuries. Now, with a program like P90, you do not have any more excuse to live a sedentary lifestyle. Take it from the men and women who have been changed by the P90 workout program. They even posted pictures of their transformation in the product’s website.

Join the thousands of people who took Tony’s word and benefited from doing so! Order your own copy of P90 workout system now, before the offer goes away!

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