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Full Body Transformation in 6: A Slim in 6 Review

  • July 18, 2019

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle. Aside from feeling good, you also get to look a lot younger and more vibrant. The problem is that sometimes, our lives do get in the way and we end up putting fitness of a shelf. You probably are one of the many people who have long since done substantial exercise. You may have tried getting back into your feet and engage in a form of physical activity but ended up burnt out and daunted from all the intensity given by current workout programs available on the market.

This is probably why you are here. You may have heard about the Slim in 6 workout by Debbie Siebers on TV or in the internet and are wondering if this works at all. As you have heard, it is supposed to help you lose weight in just 6 weeks without the horrible extreme workouts. Does it really?

In this review, we will give you a walkthrough on what the Slim in 6 program is all about and what you can get from it. We will also acquaint ourselves with Debbie Siebers, the person who designed this hip, new way of getting fit in just 6 weeks.

If you are ready to get back you drop dead gorgeous body and live a healthier, fuller life, then just keep on reading as we unravel how the Slim in 6 wokrs.

Who is Debbie Siebers?

Debbie Siebers, the person responsible for the creation of the Slim in 6 workout program is a serious fitness enthusiast and has been in the industry for almost over 20 years. She herself have problems with her eating and lifestyle habits way back before she entered the fitness world. She was soon able to conquer all of these and was greatly inspired to share what she learned to the people who are facing the same problems.

Debbie has developed many challenging exercise routines that help tone and sculpt particular body areas. She entered the industry as a personal trainer and soon served as a fitness consultant for many fitness projects such as those including Bowflex and Body Vibe. She has had many TV appearances such as in CNN, E! Entertainment Television, Fit TV and LIVE with Regis and Kelly. She later entered a partnership with BeachBody and contributed many world renowned exercise programs. It was also in during this partnership when she developed an easy-to-follow comprehensive workout program, Slim in 6.

She is a certified member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

What is the Slim in 6 workout program?

Slim in 6 is basically a fitness program that addresses the weight problems of most women in just 6 weeks. The program does not involve the use of intense workouts nor the intake of diet pills and quirky fad diets. It promises to give results by employing the Slim Training that combines low impact cardio exercise and light resistance that allow you to burn fat more efficiently and effectively. Slim in 6 focuses more on toning most women’s problem areas such as the thighs, abs and buttocks.

Slim in 6 include 3 main workouts to help you achieve your goals. These workouts are specifically aid out in a strategic manner so you can maximally burn fat on your target areas. The workouts are categorized into three steps:

  • Step 1: Start It Up! In this workout, you will start losing fat and revving up your metabolism on a more general scale.
  • Step 2: Ramp It Up! This workout lasts for 45 minutes and targets to sculpt and tone your hips, abs and thighs.
  • Step 3: Burn It Up! Lasting for less than an hour, this workout improves your body sculpting ability by levelling up your exercise.

All of these is done without too much impact on your bones and joints, allowing you to enjoy the whole thing as you breeze through the workouts. It is guaranteed to give beautiful results in just 6 weeks, provided that you follow the program carefully.

Debbie Siebers believes that exercise is only one step to get into a good looking healthy body. This is why she will include the following to supplement your workouts during the program:

  • Weight Loss Eating Plan – a carefully made meal plan prepared by registered dieticians to keep you fueled all throughout the workouts
  • Workout Calendar – so you can have a guide on what to exercise for a certain day
  • 6-Day Express Plan- this gives you the chance to jump start results in the first 6 days of the program
  • Simple Steps to Success! – a fitness guide that teaches you the basics in order for you to go through the whole journey easily and effectively
  • 2 free workouts: Slim and 6-Pack, and Slim and Limber – this is to have tighter abs and to have a guide on how to stretch and relax you muscles

Why should I buy the Slim in 6 Workout program?

Aside from giving positive results in just 6 weeks, it is very easy to follow and does not involve tiresome high-impact exercises. It is mainly targeted to women, although men who want to start getting fit can start with this program. It is highly structured in terms of the workout schedule. Slim in 6 is also holistic in approach as it includes nutrition and fitness guides for you to enjoy. Although the exercises in Slim in 6 are basically low-impact, you can customize the intensity by wearing weighted gloves or using resistance bands to double your benefits. The workouts only lasts for about 30 minutes for the starting workouts and gradually increases in duration as you go through the program.

In order for you to get the most of the program, Debbie will also include bonus items that will complement the workout videos:

  • Slim Training Resistance Band – a tool that can help you customize the workouts
  • Cardio Core! Express – an additional workout video that helps you improve your cardio resistance
  • 24/7 online support – so you can gain access to professional support no matter what time of the day it is

It comes with a 6 week money back guarantee so you get to finish the whole program before you can truly decide if it is effective. If it is not, it is yours for free!

In conclusion

The Slim in 6 program can really help people like you who are still beginning to get on track with fitness. Where else could you find workouts that can effectively make you look more beautiful in just 6 weeks without the use of high-impact moves? It is also safe to say that it does not result to any adverse effects since it does not involve the use of synthetic supplements and weird dieting styles.

Join the hundreds of people who are currently loving the results of this revolutionary product. You can see a lot of their testimonials on the BeachBody website. They even posted their own before and after photos to prove to you how effective Slim in 6 is. So what are you waiting for? Order your own copy of the Slim in 6 workout today!

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