Slimming Down with Debbie: A Slim Series Review

  • August 15, 2019

You have heard about how models get their body. For most of them, aside from having their good genes, they actually do monstrous exercises to get to the shape that they want. It involves a lot of sacrifices in terms of the nutrition and physical activity.

As for you, you are sure that you want that kind of body. Like, who does not want to have one that is drop dead gorgeous, right? However, we all know for sure that diving into a kind of lifestyle that these celebrities and fitness junkies are into might not be good for us starters. Even worse, abruptly changing our lifestyle to follow theirs might just cause more harm (in the form of injuries) than good.

Nevertheless, you really want to slim down and get toned without too much drama and injuries. You even started with some of the workouts you bought from the internet, like Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6 perhaps. However, you know you can get to that modeling worthy body with just a little more push.

This is why the same fitness expert at Beach Body, Debbie concocted the perfect weight loss fitness program for you. This is the Slim Series that is guaranteed to make you sweat without having to punish yourself from all the unnecessary impact.

If you wish to get started on getting that sexy body that you have been wishing for, then be set as we take you a step further into learning about this rather revolutionary workout program. We will discuss to you the fundamentals of the Slim Series and show you what is inside the package. We will also introduce to you the person responsible for its creation, Debbie Siebers.

Are you ready to slim down your way fitness? Then keep your eyes on the screen!

Who is Debbie Siebers?

Debbie Siebers is the brains behind the conceptualization of the Slimming Series. She is a well-known fitness expert and has been in the fitness world for quite some time now. Just like you, she suffered from her weight problems before she got into fitness. She had trouble controlling her weight and was self-confessed about her problems with eating and her lifestyle. However, she was able to overcome all of these by engaging in a healthy lifestyle and by gaining support from family and friends. Now, she is determined to share her ideals and passions to help people to conquer the same problems that she had before.

Debbie is definitely not a newbie in terms of creating fitness programs. She has created several challenging workout programs that help tone and chisel certain problem areas. She started working in the industry as a personal fitness coach and soon served as a fitness consultant for many fitness projects such as those including Bowflex and Body Vibe. She has guested in many TV shows such as in CNN, E! Entertainment Television, Fit TV and LIVE with Regis and Kelly. Later on, she partnered with Beach Body, the leading empire of workout and fitness products, and contributed many exercise programs that are recognized all over the world. She was known for creating the predecessor of the Slim Series, the Slim in 6 workout program

She is a certified member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

What is the Slim Series?

As mentioned before, Slim Series is a sequel to Debbie’s successful Slim in 6 workout. It is a fun and enjoyable way for you to burn calories and shed some extra pounds. Compared to the previous edition of what Debbie created, it is packed with more intense moves and a more variety of routines that you could alternate from day to day.

The Slim Series is a collection of workout routines that are targeted on burning fat located at your problem areas. It is created for people who have already started with their fitness journeys and are ready for more action. Despite the increased level of intensity however, Debbie assures you of workout moves that do not involve a lot of impact on you bones and joints. This way you can get more fat burning results from your workout without having to let your body suffer from potential injuries.

The videos are complete with all the usual phases of exercise such as warm ups, the main routine and cool down exercises. As mentioned, each targets a particular body part at a time but is sure to work you whole body nevertheless. The workout videos include:

  • Tone It Up! – a full body cardio workout that is sure to help you burn fat and calories in no time
  • Shape It Up! – a sculpting workout that strengthens and tones your body at the same time
  • Mix It Up! – a combination of interesting body-sculpting moves so you can enjoy a bit of variety
  • Firm It Up! – a toning exercise that focuses more on your buns, hips and thighs
  • Tear It Up! – helps you in stepping up your game by presenting more challenging exercises
  • Cool It Off! – assists you in relaxing and stretching your muscles to keep you flexible

What equipment do you need to use?

Some workouts in the Slim Series actually require you to use some equipment to help you gain maximal results. This may include a pair of weights and resistance bands. However, these items are just available in any sports shop so acquiring them should not be a problem. Otherwise, you can always opt to leave out using them all together if you do not feel like buying a set for yourself.

Why should I buy the Slim Series?

The Slim Series is perfect for those who have done some workout programs, like the Slim in 6 workout, and wish to get in touch with fitness to a whole new level. This product could really help you in having workout plateaus where you get virtually nothing from doing the same exercise over and over again.

There are a lot of side notes that pop every now and then while you watch the workout videos. This is extremely helpful to remind you of some tips and tricks to follow while working out. Debbie’s style of instructing is also very encouraging which really comes in handy when you feel like giving up on the middle of the workout.

When you buy the Slim Series now, you will also get a free item from Debbie as a bonus. Aside from the workout videos, you will also get a Slimming Guide which breaks down the techniques on slimming down, including diet specifications.

It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well, so you can technically get to try it for the first 30 days before deciding if it really works.

The bottom line

You have come a long way in your journey towards having that body that only models seem to deserve. Guess what? You actually have a shot for it and all you have to do is to step up your game and get out of your comfort zone.

The Slim Series can definitely help you with this. So what are you waiting for? This might just be your key to having the body that you have always dreamed of!