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CrossFit Competition for Beginners – Tips to Prepare for Your First Competition

  • February 29, 2020

How does it feel for a beginner to enter a CrossFit competition for the first time? Three things – doubt, fear, and anxiety. It is exciting to try participating in a CrossFit competition for beginners. But it is no doubt going to be nerve-wracking as well given how intense the training can be. If you think you’re ready and want to try your luck, we’ve got here some tips to prepare you for your first competition.

How to prepare for your first CrossFit competition? The key to your success is how well you train. It makes training to be the most critical factor in your preparation for your first competition. You need to prepare physically and mentally. It is going to be daunting, but the tips below can help you feel refreshed and ready to do incredible feats.

It is scary to enter a CrossFit competition, especially if you are just a newbie. But don’t let your fear deter you. Preparing for it is challenging, but is also easy. Check out the rest of this article and get ready for your first competition.

How to Prepare for Your First CrossFit Competition?

You need to train smart if you want to succeed. How to do that? Start with having a coach or at least have a CrossFit program to follow. As a beginner, this is extremely important. You need to find a suitable gym where to train and a capable coach to help you. You can also look online for coaching and CrossFit program resources that might help.

Train Your Body

First, you need to train your body. You need to make sure your body will be able to perform your best during the competition. Here are some tips to help you prepare well for when you finally compete.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Consistently making healthy food choices and habits is also part of the training. You must stick to a healthy diet and do so consistently as erratic food habits can negatively affect your body. It can mess with your digestion, hormones, insulin levels, recovery time, and more. If you don’t follow your diet, it will undoubtedly affect how you perform during the competition.

Importance of Warming Up

In any training regimen, warming up is essential to make sure your body moves optimally. You must never rush in doing a workout if you are still cold. Take at least 20 minutes to stretch your body to warm it up. After a warm-up, be sure to cool down as well. Do this before and after each workout for optimal movement.

Strictly Follow the Workouts

Your CrossFit program follows a specific way so you can accomplish the best results. You can make sure to receive such results by following the program strictly without adding in or swapping any of the workouts. If you make any changes without first consulting your coach, your CrossFit workout won’t be as productive as expected.

Follow the Weight, Reps, and Sets as Prescribed

Besides making sure you follow the training without changing any of the workouts, you must also follow its prescribed weight, reps, and sets. But if you feel like the weight is too heavy for you, it is safest to decrease it. This way, it is less likely that you’ll be injured. In any case, it is best to consult your coach first whatever you do.

If Injured, Wait Until it is Healed

If you become injured, don’t work through it. It will only get you more hurt if you do so. Be sure to take care of your body so it can be at its optimal condition when the CrossFit competition for beginners comes. If you feel pain, rest or at least scale the workout down. Let your body heal first to prevent any further injury.

Be Consistent

If there is any tip that can genuinely help you until the competition, it is consistency in your training. Follow your training program as strictly as you can. Admittedly, it will be challenging to do so if you get injured as it was recommended that you wait until you are healed. In that case, you can talk with your coach so you can find a way that you might still train, such as by reducing weight.

Take the Time to Relax

Relaxation is also a vital part of the training. After the workout, you need to give your time ample time for recovery. Take the time to relax by getting in a hot tub or enjoying some Epsom salt baths. You may also use of massages or muscle stimulation tools. Find the right device to help your body recover and do so at least once a week.

Train Your Mind

Besides training your body, you also need to train your mind. CrossFit competitions are both mentally and physically daunting. With help from the tips below, you can have a sharp mind and a healthy body ready for the competition.

Create a Morning and Night Routine

Having a morning and night routine is essential. It will help you build consistency and will keep your focus on point to your goals. On that note, here are some more tips on creating a morning and night routine:

Morning Routine

  • List your priorities
  • Do something you love first to motivate you
  • Set a non-negotiable wake-up time
  • Keep doing it regularly
  • Continue trying new things and discard what doesn’t work

Evening Routine

  • Don’t bring work at home, including the training
  • Start relaxing by putting on comfortable clothing
  • Set a non-negotiable sleeping time
  • Write a to-do for the day to stay organized
  • Meditate or perform some breathing exercises
  • Stay hydrated

Approach the Training with Intention

Whether it is a regular CrossFit training or a preparation for a competition, it helps a lot if you approach it with a particular purpose. Think about what you want to achieve for today. Do you want to have mental toughness or endurance? Do you want to be strong or skilled? Whatever is your purpose for the day’s training, concentrate on that.

Look Inward

With the intensity of CrossFit training, it is sometimes hard to stay on track. You’ll be easily distracted with things such as social media. It’s especially tempting to compare yourself with others. Remember that you are a unique individual. Comparing with others will only negatively impact your confidence and performance. Instead, focus on yourself and find other things that positively influence you.

Stay consistent when you follow these tips, and you will see a significant improvement in your training. Just focus on your goals and stick to your CrossFit program. Try to simply enjoy it and remember the experience of your first CrossFit competition.

Extra Tips on the Day of the Competition

Besides the training tips mentioned above, I also have here some additional tips during the CrossFit competition for beginners. These will help you get ready on the day you will finally show the fruits of your training.

  • Write a checklist for your kit to be 100% sure of where they are.
  • Use only gears you have used before to ensure they fit and are comfortable.
  • Bring several spare t-shirts so you won’t stay in a sweaty one after your first WOD.
  • Eat a large breakfast to have enough energy for your performance.
  • Be sure to stretch and warm-up before and after every workout.
  • Remember that judges are always right, so don’t let frustrations get the best of you.
  • Losing is part of the game, so learn to accept that some things you cannot control.
  • Eat your meals by breaking them into smaller portions and hydrate properly.
  • Don’t forget to make a pit stop before every WOD.
  • Enjoy and make the most of the competition so you won’t have any regrets.

This competition is only your first time. Surely, you will enter more CrossFit competitions again in the future. Instead of worrying and overthinking that you should win, make good memories during this CrossFit competition for beginners. Regardless of where you finish, the most important thing is what you learned from the experience.

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