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Dance your Way to Fitness!: A Yoga Booty Ballet Review

  • August 19, 2019

Summer is just a few weeks away and you think about getting some sun on the beach. You look for your favorite pair of bikini to see if it still fits. You try it on and true enough, it does. However, you forgot about having to look toned to actually look good on them. It seems that fitting in them is totally not enough, don’t you think?

Many workout problems that promises to help you in losing weight and toning your body in just a few weeks are available on the market today. Although some are quite effective in delivering results, they only work on people who are always on beast mode and can withstand super intense yet boring workouts for hours. That is definitely not you and you wonder if there will ever be something that can be the right fit for you (aside from buying a conservative kind of swim wear)?

If this is your case, then worry no more. 2 of the best fitness coaches at Beach Body, Gillian Clark and Teigh Gilson have designed a program that is surely fun and easy to do, while delivering the best results in just a matter of weeks. This is the Yoga Booty Ballet, a workout program that is guaranteed to make you dance your way to the body that you want!

In this review article, we will discuss to you the basics of fun workout program and let you take a peek of what is inside. We will also share some information about the creators of this program, Gillian Clark and Teigh Gilson.

Are you ready to look sexy in that pair of bikini you are eyeing on? Then just keep you cursors away from the exit button and keep your eyes on the screen!

Who are the creators of Yoga Booty Ballet?

Gillian Marloth Clark is an established Enlightenment enthusisast and is a trained master of The Enlightenment Intensive. This is a discipline that combines Zen Koan contemplation and authentic communication.

She started getting into fitness and athletics way back when she was younger. She began as a figure skater and later went into ballet. She has received numerous certifications and trainings for these. She began teaching and working as a personal trainer since 1987. Kundalini yoga has been her expertise since 1989, Hatha yoga since 1998 and Kriya yoga since 2002.

Teigh McDonough Gilson is a big believer in the healing power of doing physical activites such as yoga, dancing, meditation and exercise in general. She incorporates spiritual principles in her daily undertakings including her teaching.

Teigh has worked as a personal trainer, fitness coach, choreographer and a movement director for more than 2 decades. She has been featured in so many TV shows. She has trained for performing Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga and Anusara yoga over the years. Her greatest goal as a teacher is to pass on the happiness of movement and to inspire them to bring out their inner divine greatness.

Gillian and Teigh teamed up together with Beach Body to create the Yoga Booty Ballet in 2000. The 2 are also known instructors at Swerve, a fitness studio in Los Angeles that focuses on dancing and doing yoga.

What is Yoga Booty Ballet?

Yoga Booty Ballet is definitely for you if you wish to slim down in a fun and upbeat way. It is a collection of workouts that helps you burn calories and shed of some fats in your problem areas by using a fusion of dancing, yoga and ballet. If you are having trouble in keeping your attention with lengthy, repetitive and boring workouts, just like the ones you had before, then this is perfect for you.

The workouts are very fun to do, you would not even notice that you are already working out. It has a lot of dance steps that will keep you feeling like you are just jamming to upbeat music while helping you shed of the extra pounds. The whole program focuses on toning your abs and butt but can nevertheless work your whole body at the same time.

Yoga Booty Ballet consists of 5 workouts that employ Gillian and Teigh’s ABS training. This principle makes use of ab-sculpting yoga to chisel your abs into the perfect shape, ballet to help lift and tone your buns and cardio exercises to melt all the fats and erase some extra pounds off your weight. The whole program is comprised of the following:

  • Light and Easy – have fun while getting on with the basics of yoga and cardio
  • Cardio Cabaret – involves the duo’s signature fat burning moves that will keep you partying while burning fat
  • Go-Go – includes sculpting ballet moves to help tone your hips, buns and thighs
  • Latin Flavor – sexy Latin moves that will help you sculpt your waistline and erase your love handles
  • Body Sculpting – a resistance training that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles

Aside from the workout videos, tools that will help you maximize the benefits of Yoga Booty Ballet are included in the package:

  • Ab and Butt Makeover Guide – a step by step manual for you to help you easily glide through the whole work out and get the best results
  • Sculpting Ball and Sculpting Band – these add resistance to the sculpting routines and help you build leaner and sexy looking muscles while speeding up the fat burning process

Why should you buy Yoga Booty Ballet?

Yoga Booty Ballet is perfect for those of you who wants to break the monotony of having to do so many reps of exercises that do not give beautiful results at all. It involves a lot of dancing so you can totally have fun while doing exercise. If you have not danced at all in the past, then do not worry because Gillian and Teigh is kind enough to take you to the basics in ways that are very easy to follow. They even spared an entire workout video for that.

Aside from the workout videos and tools, you will also get to grab hold of the following items as a bonus:

  • 7 Day Swimsuit Slimdown Plan
  • Hip Hop and Abs workout
  • 10 Minute Body Blaster

The verdict

Getting into shape has never been this enjoyable. Not only that you burn calories and melt the extra fats away, you also get to learn some yoga and ballet steps that are normally taught only on dance studios.

With Yoga Booty Ballet, you would not have to go through boring workout programs ever again. Join the hundreds of people who are now enjoying strutting their stuff after benefitting from this program. Order yours now and get ready to rock that sexy pair of swim suit in no time!

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